Do you find the complexity and depth of your feminine nature utterly fascinating?
In a culture where many would prefer to contain her, and while most do not understand, let alone celebrate our many faceted dimensions, this is key to our magic and wisdom. After working with hundreds of women all over the globe, I am still astonished by the power of the feminine to give birth in herself and rise as a phoenix over and over. 
In this mixed media class, we’ll explore our unique soul expression, allowing our intuition to be our guide as we step into the unknown…..creativity is a process of deconstruction and reconstruction….an alive, fiery process that calls us into the deep waters of Trust. 
We’ll lean into the exciting world of abstract painting and loose drawing marks. It’s a fun field day for our right brain to play and our non-sensical brilliance to be Seen!
~Flora Aube
Flora says...

I am an Artist, Facilitator and Inspirationalist

I’m here to empower and inspire those who feel called to a re-birth from the depths of soul. It’s no accident that many of us are finding our way home through the creative process. Art is a miraculous tool that gives us direct access to the feminine psyche. My approach to painting is the ‘Art of Allowing‘ because I have come to trust my Intuition implicitly, and navigate my life through the impulses of my heart. Art is my spiritual practice. As I connect to deeper levels of intimacy with soul, my paintings spontaneously arise. I trust the process, and I am a guide for others.

Creating Beauty is a doorway to healing.

Serving Beauty through art is my life work.

Sharing the remembrance of Beauty with others is my Joy.

Painting is a perfect mirror that reflects us to ourselves and allows us to connect with our truth.


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Shiloh Sophia says... 
I am a Dreamer, a Painter and Revolutionary.
I love the idea of curating consciousness through creativity. I have tea with my Muse every day and witness her as she re-arranges the universe with magenta paint and new ideas.
I feel like we all have a our own piece of the red thread, that which is ours to weave into the great fabric of creation. Self expression is the way I have found to weave, and part of that means I encourage others to weave their own piece. Through creating, a waking up can happen which reveals us to ourselves. "It's a great way to live, being an artist, it's very romantic" is what my teacher Sue Hoya Sellars often said.

So often we find ourselves trapped in cages of belief, old patterns, cultural oppression and who knows what else we have picked up along the way. Art making is an opportunity to strip of false laters of fear and enter another territory. It might be dangerous, and have uncertain outcomes. But well worth the price of paint and possibility.

Since my early twenties I have made my living as an aritst entreprenuer who is a powerful stand for creativity as an essential basic human right - the right to create. I make stuff: books, decks, workshops, cards, prints, painting, journals - all in the pursuit of expressing and sharing my creative fire, and sharing it with others who feel called.

Power Creatives TV is my latest offering, bringing together women FOUNDERS and FRIENDS to share their gifts with you. 

Your teachers for the journey...

FREE Hourlong EXPLORE CafeExplore Painting Class $57

Materials for the EXPLORE Journey:

For the hourlong Alchemical Cafe: tea/coffee + paper and pen
For the daylong class: Materials
  • canvas 24x36 minimum + spray bottle + brushes
  • acrylic paint: We will use GOLDEN paints, you can use what you have. Colors we love are quinacridone nickel azo gold, thalo turquoise, quinacridone magenta. IF you are not going to use Golden, at least consider these colors. We also suggest you have titanium white and metallic gold. 
  • charcoal or inktense pencil
  • Liquitex Gloss Medium
  • drawing paper/white paper

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Episode 9 of Season One: FIERCE: EXPLORE  

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe + Daylong EXPLORE Painting & Media Class with
Guest Teacher, Flora Aube, Founder of Art of Allowing Academy
& Power Creatives TV Host, Shiloh Sophia 


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 Rise into the Feminine Phoenix Soul through Creative Exploration


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allowing your intuition to be your guide as you step into the unknown...through abstract painting and loose drawing

Explore your unique soul expression...