Message from Chris about GLOW + Women in Visionary Business
I know a LOT of creative women. And many of these women would love to be able to get their creative vision out into the world. To be seen and appreciated and valued for their art. To make money doing the things that they love. But whenever I talk to these women about turning their creative vision into a business, I often get an IMMEDIATE energetic roadblock. 
The first thing that comes out of their mouth are statements like I HATE marketing. Or putting myself out there. I don’t know how to do it. It’s too overwhelming. I don’t want to be sleazy. I just want to create.  If I turn what I love into a business it won’t be fun anymore. I’ll lose my soul.  I want to be myself and not have to become one of those businessy type people. I don’t want to have to manipulate or lie to people in order to get them to buy things from me. And on and on and on… 
It happens so often that I shouldn’t be surprised any longer, but the vehemence of their resistance still shocks me and makes me sad. Because I KNOW from personal experience of being in business for myself for over 38 years that having a creative business can be just as much an act of love and JUST as joyfully creative as doing the creative work itself. 
Which is why Shiloh and I decided to offer this day long event for those of you out there who are curious, maybe scared but intrigued enough to possibly consider taking that next step into offering your creative vision to the world in the form of a creative business. 
We want to clear up a LOT of misconceptions about what it means to operate a creative business. Such as, running a business means you have to stop using your creativity. And your intuition.  Or stop being yourself. You do not have to put yourself in a box to run a business. In fact the more you are wildly and weirdly and quirkily authentically yourself, the more successful you will be. 
We want to inspire you to open yourself to the possibility that having your own business can be a powerfully transformational spiritual and personal growth journey. 
We want to show you that being in business is a way to bring MORE love and healing and kindness and integrity into the world. How creating a business can not only be tremendously empowering for you but also for all the women ( and men) who’s lives you will be touching. That being in business demands you to be MORE not less of who you really are. 
We want to teach you about marketing as an invitation into love and how marketing can help you heal your deep wounds around shame, having a voice, being seen, not enoughness and being open to receiving.  
We want to share with you how to open to the heart and soul of your business as a living entity who can be your loving partner and guide on this journey.
We want to introduce you to the joys of business as a community building and collaborative enterprise, bringing you into daily contact with the most fabulous and amazing people!! 
We want to demonstrate how being in business for yourself can deepen your trust in Spirit, your own purpose and vision and also in the life force itself. 
We want to give you a back-stage-pass into how much FUN this whole being in business process can be! And how deliciously and wildly creative. 
Business as a spiritual path. Business as a force of divine feminine healing.  Business as a way to create the world you want to live in. Business as a creative process. Business as an expression of your soul. Business  as a visionary process. Business as a way to trust and hone your intuition. Business as a way to express your uniqueness. Business as a path to personal growth.


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Episode 6 of Season One : FIERCE : GLOW :

Guest Chris Zydel & Power Creatives TV Host, Shiloh Sophia

Do you long to get your creative vision out in the world ? 

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed with the "how" to get started?

Do you wish to open your channels of abundance both creatively and financially?

Chris Zydel
Founder, Creative Juices Arts

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Dear Ones,

I am super excited to be teaching with Chris Zydel again!  We are blessed to have Chris's wisdom on women creatives in business. We often share ideas about how this works and how we can bring this good colorful medicine to women in our communities. This is going to be a really cool intuitive painting process that will combine Creative Juices Arts and Intentional Creativity. I hope you'll make a date with yourself and join us! Chris is a woman I deeply admire and I'm so excited to share her incredible work with you in this way - if you haven't worked with this wise women artist before, don't miss this! XO

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GLOW Creative Business Daylong Class with Intuitive Painting Process

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Chris Zydel, AKA the Wild Heart Queen, is head creative goddess at Creative Juices Arts. She has over 30 years of experience as a compassionate creativity guide and an unshakeable faith in the power of creativity to heal hearts and change lives. She knows deep in her bones that everyone is deeply, wonderfull and gloriously creative and is on a relentlessly love-soaked mission to prove that to the world. She performs this magic by providing nurturing and joy-filled creative sanctuaries overflowing with compassion, encouragment, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all. Visit her at

Working women artists speak to business as a creative act

"We want to clear up a LOT of misconceptions about what it means to operate a creative business. Such as, running a business means you have to stop using your creativity. And your intuition.  Or stop being yourself. You do not have to put yourself in a box to run a business. In fact the more you are wildly and weirdly and quirkily authentically yourself, the more successful you will be".  ~ Chris Zydel

"Creating a business with authenticity at the heart means you let your true colors and brightest lights be revealed onto the blnak canvas of the marketplace. We think that the more you let your authentic self be revealed to more your business works. That has been our experience as teachers of self expression. Running your business from your creative heart is a journey of self discovery".

~ Shiloh Sophia

TICKET for GLOW: Daylong Creative Business Class $57

Join us for a daylong intuitive conversation, writing and painting journey dedicated to designing and growing your business from your creative heart. The idea behind GLOW has to do with so much hidden talent that we have let go of, hidden, cut off, or neglected coming out from the darkness into the light! No experience needed - come ready to get wild and open up and glow!

Materials - IMPORTANT: 2 pieces 140 lb. watercolor paper 22X30, acrylic or watercolors, brushes, black gesso or black paint, assorted glitter, neon colors if you choose from the craft section. White sharpie or paint pen. Red thread, and a candle!


  • Discover a deep source of creative juice that informs your dreams
  • Bring your ideas into reality in image, color, texture and language
  • Cultivate your wild, quirky, often hidden sense of intuition in service to your ideas
  • Experience rituals throughout the day that turn on up the glow factor
  • Develop a deeper listening for your Muse's guideance regarding how to lead your work
  • Create in a spacious circle of women worldwide harnessing the creative prowess
  • Learn how Intentional Creativity can shift your relationship to marketing and sharing your work.
  • Hear the stories of two women entrepreneurs who ROCK the marketplace and have developed teacher trainings that guide other women to lead others in self expression.


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