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Muse Inspired Painting Class 

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Both of us have arrived at a place in our lives where we can articulate the most essential things in the world for us - but it wasn’t easy - it took a lot of time and stories with the Muse. 

As you can hear in the interview, we had an experience of painting together over 10 years ago and we came back together to bring you this teaching. 

The teaching of Storytelling in Paint came to be during a two hour heart storming session about learning to retell our own stories. We all live with personal myths and stories that are dominating our life even if we don’t know that they are - they are. We work with you to tell a new story of your life - your new myth. 

We also look at myths in the culture regarding the feminine and see how they are impacting us today and how we can work with a retelling. 

The painting process is a combination of abstract and form - no experience needed - guided by both Shiloh and Luisah.

This was a very special day!


Luisah Teish Says...

I am a Teacher, Dancer, Storyteller & High Priestess

Luisah Teish is a ritual theater performance artist, a spiritual counselor, and an elder and woman chief in the Ifa/Orisha tradition. She is a writer and the author of six books, including the women’s spirituality classic Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals. Luisah coauthored On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Land with Leilani Birely, a Hawaiian Kahuna, and has contributed to twenty-five anthologies and a host of magazines, including Essence, MS, Shaman’s Drum, and Yoga Journal. She has performed in myth and ritual dramas at St. John the Divine Cathedral and the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, the Marin Civic Auditorium in California, the Galaxy Theater in New Zealand, and La Casa de las Poesia in Venezuela. Her mixed-media art has been published in the Cascadia Subduction Zone magazine and in Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theater. Luisah teaches through online classes, weekend workshops, and spiritual retreats.

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Shiloh Sophia says... 
I am a Dreamer, a Painter and Revolutionary. 
I love the idea of curating consciousness through creativity. I have tea with my Muse every day and witness her as she re-arranges the universe with magenta paint and new ideas.
I feel like we all have a our own piece of the red thread, that which is ours to weave into the great fabric of creation. Self expression is the way I have found to weave, and part of that means I encourage others to weave their own piece. Through creating, a waking up can happen which reveals us to ourselves. "It's a great way to live, being an artist, it's very romantic" is what my teacher Sue Hoya Sellars often said.

So often we find ourselves trapped in cages of belief, old patterns, cultural oppression and who knows what else we have picked up along the way. Art making is an opportunity to strip of false laters of fear and enter another territory. It might be dangerous, and have uncertain outcomes. But well worth the price of paint and possibility.

Since my early twenties I have made my living as an aritst entrepreneur who is a powerful stand for creativity as an essential basic human right - the right to create. I make stuff: books, decks, workshops, cards, prints, painting, journals - all in the pursuit of expressing and sharing my creative fire, and sharing it with others who feel called.

Power Creatives TV is my latest offering, bringing together women FOUNDERS and FRIENDS to share their gifts with you.

..:: MUSE DAYS::..  

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Muse Inspired Painting Jam!

Class originally filmed live ~ you get to watch the videos now On-Demand. 

Join us for Intuitive Storytelling and Painting 

with Shiloh Sophia & Luisah Teish

Two women. Two worlds. Two ways. 

Weaving together to bring you the heart of their messages.


Light your creative fire with the tip of a flaming paintbrush!


*Simple Materials List: We work with acrylic paint, glitter, sharpies, watercolor paper 22X30. These materials can be found at a local arts/crafts store. 

*Full materials list is sent upon registration. 

*Painting process includes both Abstract and form, as we work with your Muse to paint a face.

*No painting experience needed. Your Muse will guide the process!

*Watch now and spend time tending your own sacred fire within, of creativity, and discover what stories are revealed or even healed.

*Join a worldwide circle of women for a red thread cafe and ritual experience.

Dear Hearts,

I cannot believe my good fortune to spend time leading with Teish. In the times we have shared it has been life altering. After my last visit with her I told stories every day to open my Color of Woman training - so impactful was her very presence. I have rarely met a woman who lives more from the Muse and the searing truth of the creative fire.

We were honored to have her here with us for a truly original experience. While we had a plan for what we wanted to share with you - there was a lot of spontaneity and simple ritual in our day together. Please join us!

How Storytelling in Paint came to be...


June 2017 Muse Days Class

 A share from a past Muse Days Student:  I confess to being a little skeptical about some of the New Age methods of teaching art but my entire experience was so well worth the time and money. What they have created at the Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch is an interesting environment for a different kind of painting - a painting I didn't even know I needed and unblocked and cleared emotions I hadn't realized I was carrying. Thank you so much ~ EK

Storytelling in Paint

Shiloh Teaching during Muse Days in July 2017

Painting by Luisah Teish

Watch a few minutes (or more!) of this inspiring 1-Hour Cafe previously recorded with Shiloh & Luisah to get a taste of the special energy these two women have when together, telling their stories...