Inviting your whole brain and heart to fall in love

"Are you awake?" 

What would you say if someone asked you that? 

Is it an experience? An intuition? An indescribable phenomenon? Can it be finite enough to speak about it and infinite enough to hold it within the great mystery?

What if there is a codex to each person's awakening journey? What if part of becoming conscious includes being able to articulate what being awake IS? Would being able to converse about it and create experiences of it, be a way to awaken others still sleeping? 

Many of those who feel awake are tuned into an urgency to call others to their own awakening. Lots of programs and sytems point to this most beautiful communal effort. We have come a long way but we all know there is more available. Where can it be found?

Consider this, if each person has a kind of blueprint or design that holds their soul codes - how would a person access that? Most of us find ourselves with a few hot downloads, followed by seeking healers outside of ourselves, followed by adherence to systems created by other awakened ones. Then what? Is intuition innate or can we call it forth?

If each of us has our own information, is continued consistent access possible? Is there a capacity to think, be and act consistent to WHO we are and WHAT we are here to cause and create? If our inside soul could match who we are being in the big ole' world we live in 'out here', would that make a difference? 

So many of us are living split, fragmented lives. When the critic rules over the precious hidden self, then the information we get daily is toxic. There is a cure for this: a conscious creative practice. 

The CODEX Course is for cosmic pilgrims, meaning those who are on a journey consciously. And yet you are ready for the next great adventure! This is great for all walks of life and levels of awareness. That said the technology of Intentional Creativity is intellectually rigorous - we bring all of the ideas directly to the canvas with text, drawing, paint, collage and mixed media.  Our visual journaling will be guided by Jenafer Joy in her unique and potent prowess.

This will be particularly illuminating for those in the healing helping professions from coaches to shamans to discover more about how to work with clients.   CODEX will invite the invisible realms to become visible. This class is from the future.

If you don't CURATE 

your consciousness, who or what will? 

The inner self/outer self alignment paradox 

Shaping your content into contextual containers

Alchemizing and 
re-organizing the  subconscious domain

Image and word forming points of access and metaphor

Crafting inquiries without answers to light the hidden path

Entering flow states in tandem with the beautiful universe

Changing management from the critic to the muse

Awakening the intelligence of the more than 5 senses 

A Deep Dive into



Unanswerable Questions

On Becoming Conscious by Choice

To ask an unanswerable question activates the brain in a creative capacity. Causing it to reach into a new domain which did not previously exist moments before. If this inquiry has intention and soul, the intelligent heart will also begin to reveal the shimmering edges of insight. With any perseverance at all, consciousness happens, if even briefly.

It is not in knowing ‘things’ that we become conscious. Rather it is in inviting the great mystery to tea, that one finds out who is actually doing the asking in the first place. We peek out from our internal wilderness and look around with new eyes. AHA! There I am!

If we are speaking of consciousness, it is from here, that we may truly begin. Further revelation ensues, if one will take this into intentional form based action. To not just ask the question, but to put it into ‘matter’ by some creative act or experience that results in form. Through causing the form, a point of access is created in the mind, and an embodied experience is activated. The eyes then witness it and communicate the happening to the rest of the blooming consciousness and our senses.

Many of us are calling for more conscious leadership and actions. If we continue to work primarily in the mind to wake up, even with the intent of mindfulness, our progress and our capacity to alchemize change in the world may be diminished. The world’s artisans, the dancers, painters, singers, speakers, poets, gardeners, sculptors, chefs, movement instigators, spell breakers and peacemakers KNOW that their offering in form IS what catalyzes them and the experience of those around them. The revolution is not invisible, does not just happen inside. It may begin in the mind, informed by the heart, but it can’t stay there if we are going to take this to the next possible place. Artisans awaken themselves through making.

Awakening can be curated by choice.

The possibilities that were hidden can come into view. Over time, with devotion to becoming aware, we may actually experience being here. We may claim this life as our own. We may even discover, we like it here. Even with the tragedies and chaos, in knowing ‘who is in here’ we no longer need to turn away but can turn towards.

When we wake up, our ‘cosmic address’, the location around which our consciousness often resides, in which identity is shaped, has found a place in the constellation of life. In the least, it is worth the effort to awaken and see what there is to do around here…

Releasing unconscious patterns to reveal your cosmic map

Becoming at cause for moving energy 
in field and body

Engaging with insight and love from and for the collective 

We CAN curate consciousness by choice.

Orienting yourself within your cosmic address (stardust)

Partnership with neurobiology, ecology and technology

Relocating and rewiring story, how it lives and where 

Activate healing energy through 
intentional actions

The integration of local and non local mind

You find your voice when you have something to say

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Intentional Creativity® 

CODEX Curriculum 
 22 Teachings on Creativity & Consciousness  


The CODEX Course is an Experience in Consciousness and Creativity. This will be a brave adventure but it won't be perhaps as emotional and story digging as some of our other classes. This isn't about fixing you, rather, about creating a cosmic map of you - sounds fun right? It is. It is blissful and freeing. So much healing work brings us into the past to conenct with deep places within. CODEX actually takes us INTO the future. This is a pardigm shift.

Through Imagination + Mindfulness + Quantum Inquiry + Intuitive Painting + Visual Journaling you will access your hidden self and awaken insight. Plus some super cool techniques and mixed media applications. We are moving out of 'just our head' and moving all the way in. We are accessing mindfulness to create matter. We are embodying and living the information AS IT ARISES.

Often the dominatrix of the pre-frontal cortex BLOCKS us from really BEING with our own archetypal identity and accessing our personal codex (aka: Your own information.  This can go on ALL OF OUR LIVES if we don't check the default settings and begin with some fresh ideas. When we use the brush and pen our mind works differently.

25 years of research, experimentation and service to tens of thousands have gone into the documentation of the CODEX curriculum. But then, it hasn't happened yet so who knows? 

You will be invited to engage in meditative flow state creativity that you can begin to use in other areas of your life immediately. This may be most useful for those who DON'T consider themselves creative as you will be the most surprised! Existing creatives already know the power, but this will be a whole new horizon.

You will work with one big canvas and bring each IDEA that is shared directly onto the canvas in layers. We will work with the elements, acrylic, collage, pen and ink, and in some cases, tears. And most possibley, chocolate. Our thematic schema will be largely focused on color, shape, texture, symbol, code, pattern and abstract expressionistic playfulness!

What does creativity have to do with consciousness?

Can consciousness be curated?

All videos are step by step with infinite space for freedom and self expression.

No experience needed or a desire to be a painter. Just a DARE!

Every bone in your body is a creative bone. These bones cry out for expression, motion, creating form.

Codex is from the Latin caudex, meaning “tree-trunk” which later came to be codex. In many modern teachings a codex is a code / coding / encoding or book of information. 
A place in which information is gathered, stored, categorized and organized. It may also mean a cosmic map of sorts. 

Your painting will be your CODEX, to access your own information. Using the Intentional Creativity teachings to discover and reveal them onto the canvas. Further, the idea of the tree trunk goes along with the nervous system.

This is how you are going to invite the hidden self to come to the party through offering 'a place' to bring the knowing.

“brainwaves slow from agitated beta to daydreamy alpha and deeper theta. Neurochemically, stress chemicals like norepinephrine and cortisol are replaced by performance-enhancing, pleasure-producing compounds such as dopamine, endorphins, anandamide, serotonin, and oxytocin.”
Steven Kotler
Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work

Awaken and Invite the inner observer to the party

This one will likely be revealed DURING the process...mystery.

Discover what LOVE has to do with it through intention

An example of the video quality and Shiloh Sophia on camera.

Let's Rescue Our Imagination!

You may not be 'talented' at art, YET you are creative. If we are to think of creativity as only something for those who are talented as in areas of arts like music, dance, theater etc. then we have missed an essential ingredient in human being. We need to rescue creativity from the tyranny of the talented. Creativity is how we are structured, and how we gain access to who we are. Creativity is how earth and nature are designed. Creativity via the imagination is where the heart meets the right and left brain and becomes embodied. This is also where the most fun is! 

~ Shiloh Sophia, 

Co-Founder of Intentional Creativity

Creativity makes the invisible world 
become visible.

When we create form that which was hidden, 
is revealed.

When committing art is combined with intention and ritual the potency is exponential.

Making cosmos...

about the flow state...

Sue Hoya Sellars


Since the time I was a child, I have been exploring ideas of consciousness. This is because my teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars, was determined to wake up the people. Her chosen way of provoking that awakening was through her art and inquiry. She passed that on to me. I have passed that onto tens of thousands. The CODEX Course is dedicated to her. She showed me how to gain access to my own information and I too am committed to giving others a chance to step into being. Her concept of the Cosmic Address as the human body is behind every teaching.

The inspiration is to serve the awakening of humanity with the tools I have. ~ SS

Benefits you may experience from the CODEX Certificate Course 

  • Increased capacity to think and gain access to your own ideas

  • Right brain and left brain communicating in potent ways

  • Consistent creative practice for a year that expands your  awareness of your gifts

  • An experience of freedom through self expression and joy

  • The reconciliation of the desparate voices becoming unified

  • A desire to serve with your newly expanded awareness of your gifts

  • Tools of resiliency to lead yourself and others through challenges with ritual and creativity

  • All the work you have done becomes more relevant in an expanded framework

  • Dissolving the invisible barrier between your inside and outside self which equals coherency

  • A deepened capacity to experience and initiate pleasure and flow by choice

  • A clearer path to alignment in manifesting what you envision

  • Visionary goggles through which you can SEE the new possibilities all around you

  • Co-creative relationship with earth and stars in a new sense of being and belonging

  • Inspired life actions through the dares and desires that will arise in your process

  • Access to your personal story so that you can transform how it lives in you and share your gifts

  • Cycles of transcendence, freedom from physical and emotional pain through bypassing the usual stops in the brain (critic)

  • Learn all about the phenomenon of Intentional Creativity, how and why it works to raise consciousness and invite healing and transformation

  • Discover how to meditate with a brush in your hand to achieve transcendent states of being

  • ALL of Shiloh Sophia's magical easy-ish painting techniques will be shared and catalogued + new ones you haven't seen!

  • Potent inquiries through visual journaling with Jenafer Joy to deepen your understanding and fun

  • You will create one of the coolest paintings you have ever seen to hang in your house/office that will BE THE CODEX of your OWN CONTENT. Really. You may even surprise and delight yourself with your wild, self expressed abandon!

  • You may...become more conscious of who you are and how to embody that in your life than you ever dreamed possible...

  • You are likely to fall in love...

Do these seem like big ideas for an online course? They are. When you gain access to your own consciousness and can become truly co-creative - and experience how natural it is - it changes everything. And it's quick because you are ready and showing up for it. Creativity is the 'form-making' aspect that brings these ideas into reality.  

We can't see what we can't see. The thing is, there is more seeing available...we get to invite that seeing into being...

Delivery Details

About Jonathan McCloud

Think you aren't creative? Read this.

What is the course about?

What benefits will there be?

How and what makes it work?

Let's revisit the basics...

After nearly 30 years developing a fine career in hospitality, he changed his life path to take up life as an artist, photographer and poet, as well as working for Burning Man, Couch Surfing and more in the artistic, digital and construction realms. 

He met Miss Shiloh Sophia in 2012 and the two of them struck up a quantum conversation resulting in marriage and working together in business with Intentional Creativity through various technology platforms. He now brings his savvy to her world as the 'man behind the curtain'. Described by his wife as an alchemist, Mr. McCloud co-founded their not-for-profit, the Intentional Creativity Foundation, feeds students around the world with his culinary genius and creates supper clubs for eccentrics. While the two have worked together on projects since 2013 on their first trip to the United Nations, PRISM and APOTHECERY is the class in which he co-teaches to a diverse group of eclectics with his wife, Shiloh Sophia.

Intentional Creativity and the work of Shiloh Sophia serves between 
500-5,000 people per month in online classes. For twenty-five years she has been researching and developing the material that will be presented in CODEX - The Intentional Creativity Teachings. The Intentional Creativity Foundation will be transcribing the teachings into a book on the subject of consciousness and creativity.

What's the inspiration?

Technology + Neuroscience + Energy + Color = WHOOOOHOOO

Is this you?  

YOU KNOW you are designed in the same majesty as the cosmos and the forests. 
YOU FEEL the sacred math at work in your DNA. You BELIEVE there is more capacity in your mind than you are using. YOU ARE CALLED to big ideas but may be challenged to bring them into form, into reality. You desire to be able to articulate more of what is hidden within you. Engaging in an experience an expanded sense of wholeness and beingness sounds like a great idea!

What's a codex and why?

Hidden gifts are revealed when we engage with the whole body, mind and heart.

A densely branching Purkinje cell found in the cerebellum demonstrating the immense connectivity in the brain.

The transformational education world is all abuzz with ideas about awakening and mindfulness, creating experiences of the flow state and complicated and expensive neuro-hacking ...always the new best fix for our ailments. 

What if the answer is held in accessing the code for each person? Who knows how to do that anyway? Here's the riddle.

Only one person knows how consciousness really happens. You. 

How much would it be worth in time and resources to gain access to your own information every time? If we told you that there were certain patterns that the majority of awake people have that are knowable and duplicatable, would you say yes to knowing more? But this isn't a meditation or a mind thing only, you will have to do something that scares ALMOST everyone...PICK UP A PAINTBRUSH and get messy.

When you create, you become the observer of your own creation and gain instant intuitive insight. 

You are invited to gather with other cosmic pilgrims around the world... 

WHEN: September 9 .::. 13 Moon/Month Course 
September is orientation and background painting creating time with first teaching content videos landing in October. 
(no stress schedule and do on your own time at your pace and videos are downloadable)

WHERE: Cosmos Online + private online classroom (NOT FB)

HOW: Twice-Monthly Videos + group Cosmic Pilgrim Dialogues on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm pst. You will be working with a big canvas or wood + acrylic + ink. A full materials list is provided. You will also need a once a month Muse Date that may at times involve shopping.

HOW MUCH $: $75 for 13 months or $825 Pay in Full (saves $150) We value this year long course at over $2500. The only reason for this pricing is to make it more available to more people.

WHO: 22 Intentional Creativity Teachings are Curated by Shiloh Sophia via talks, inquiries and painting layers. 
Journal prompts delivered by Jenafer Joy 
With special guest Quantum Creativity sessions from Jonathan 
We have a trained Intentional Creativity Guild support staff including Tina Greene, Jennifer Bowers, Jo Laurie and Tania Maginnis.

WHY: If you feel called to awaken, and have a good time doing it, this is your gig. If you feel the lineage of Intentional Creativity percolating in your cosmic bones, this is THE most potent information you could study about how it works, and why and how to practice it for yourself.

YOU: You are curious enough to commit and wild enough to want to do it your way. Engage how and when you like. Our hope would be you would dedicate an hour a week or 4 hours a month to the experience. You just know this is what is next for you because a new beginning is stirring in your soul space. 

CODEX is an exploration in image and language. 

The teachings will be a hybrid. First Shiloh Sophia will teach on the Intentional Creativity teaching in a lecture/talk. (These talks will go into a living book, so the teachings are in essence the chapters and book draft.) She will invite you into inquiry around the idea and to try it on. This will include breath, meditation, journaling and more. 

Then in the videos that follow you will bring the concepts into your abstract-ish painting. This part includes metacognition and meditation. In this mindful experience, the awakening happens. Further you will be invited to bring the concept into your current life happening and discover more about your own content and information. The self expression will wow you! You are creating in the future that hasn't happened yet...

The painting will be a cosmic map, a codex of both the core ideas within Intentional Creativity connected to HUMAN BEING AND your own content and ideas. Often we don't know what we know and we don't know how to articulate it if we do. You gain greater expaneded insight into your inner workings. We will also be having once a month Muse Dates that will be surprise activities and adventures.

CODEX hopes to give you access to the hidden worlds.

RSVP Full Pay $825RSVP Payment Plan $75 mo.

CODEX: Intentional Creativity Course 

About the Teacher for the Codex Course

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! A renaissance woman who communicates her philosophy through paintings, poetry, teachings and entrepreneurship. For 25 years she has dedicated her soul work to the study and practice of creativity as a path of healing which provides access to consciousness. As a curator and gallery owner, she has represented her own work, as well as hundreds of women artists. By the age of 40 she achieved incredible success through being in the top ten percent of sales for contemporary artists in the U.S. Her prolific intuitive painting process led to a desire to teach and provided the foundation for the groundbreaking work on how Intentional Creativity® can give voice to the soul. Her method of ‘creating with mindfulness’ has reached tens of thousands of students who have gained insight into the hidden self. 

Her work is taught widely, at Universities in MA and Phd programs, the United Nations CSW, and by hundreds of Certified Teachers and Coaches. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self-express is one of the most basic human rights –  “We have a right to know how to access what we think, feel, believe and to express it in our lives”. Her life path is a spiritual practice and an offering that was awakened with the feminine Divine. Her research dives into the exploration of the right/left brain connection with the heart and re-inventing personal archetypes as gateways to liberation. ”When we find freedom from the trauma of our stories, we can invent our own legends, and do the sacred work of organizing our consciousness.” 

She is the creator of seven books, as well as a community leader. Having been trained by her mother Caron McCloud the poet, and Sue Hoya Sellars the artist, she brought her gifts of language and image into form through founding the Intentional Creativity® Guild, Cosmic Cowgirls®, Power Creatives TV and Color of Woman®. She lives and works at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in Sonoma California which provides education both in-house and online, reaching over 25k subscribers a month. She can be found most days having tea with her muses discussing quantum physics and celebrating revelations of the heart.

Paintings, Poetry and Philosophy:

Workshops and Community:

Intentional Creativity Movement:

Jonathan McCloud, our resident scholar for PRISM is a poet and artist at heart. He was born in a small West Virginia town and was encouraged to adventure and spent seven years jumping out of airplanes for the US Air Force. Retired from service from injuries, he found himself swept into the glamor and gastronomy of the food world and worked for top chefs around the world serving fine meals from Vegas to San Francisco. He owned several restaurants as well as earned two advanced degrees with honors in business.

Testimonials and images from 2017-2018 Intentional Creativity Students

Meet the Team

About Jenafer Joy

In addition to running her own courses at, Jena is a long time member and teacher in the Cosmic Cowgirls community and an enthusiastic member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity. You’ll find her behind the scenes and narrating many Cosmic Cowgirl courses including the Color of Woman Teacher Training.

Jenafer Joy lives with her magical red haired daughter Hazel and her storytelling furniture making husband Erik at the edge of the world – aka Mendocino. When she’s not keeping all these online courses humming, you can find her splashing paint with her daughter, chasing the neighbor's rogue cows out of the yard, and brewing coffee & tall tales with her husband.

Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume, it is impossible to spend time with Jenafer Joy and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your muse, and with Jena's heartfelt and contagious love of the creative life. Jena has been leading healing & creative arts courses since 2003 and most particularly enjoys tromping about at the intersection of intuition and art.

Jena’s specialty is inspired inquiry for introverts – quick playful gentle nudges accompanied by good music to carry you towards your own deep important answers.

Introducing your Faculty of Teachers for the CODEX Course

We also have a team of women supporting us including Sarah Mardell, Tina Greene, Jennifer Bowers, Jo Laurie, Tania Magennis & Semerit Strachan.

Questions? Contact Sarah Mardell at

One BIG CANVAS + Composting Canvas + Mixed Media journal + Drawing Pad
Liquid acrylic paints, heavy body acrylics (especially white), assorted brushes including big ones and also a tiny liner, spray bottle, foam brush, pencil, mixed media journal, black gesso, charcoal, white charcoal pencil, black and white sharpies, art drawing pens Gold leaf (or gold/metallic paint) and gold leaf glue, empty squeezy tube that can make dots, liquitex gloss, medium palette knife. We may also need a hammer and nails. Glitter is always welcome. Red thread. The Muse may also request a special painting smock but that is between you aren her/him/them. 


Here's what inspired this course...

You can see of how easy and fun it can be to play with paint...

does your imagination

live? Have you visited

Please note: All of this is subject to the muse. These are the footnotes to get you excited! Don't understand what they are talking about? Yet still feel sparkley about the ideas? That's perfect. 

What is each video about?


 A dare to become conscious and have a love affair 
with the universe without ever needing to leave 
the comfort of home. Juicy.


RSVP Full Pay $825

Two for the price of one: Someone in your household, or your business partner may ALSO access the class. 
No Risk: 100% money back guarantee. If you complete the course and it does not provide you with increased access to your own awareness and overall amazingness - we will refund your investment.

RSVP Payment Plan $75 mo.

Enrollment is closed for now. We hope to reopen again in Fall 2020. 

To receive updates and announcements for events, add yourself to receive Shiloh Sophia's Red Thread Letters here:

13 Moon CODEX : Intentional Creativity Course 

Value = over $2500 $2500+

RSVP TODAY for $825 (and save $150)

OR $75/month for 13 months

A Collaboration 

Questions? Contact Sarah Mardell at

RSVP Full Pay $825RSVP Payment Plan $75 mo.

Will you join us at the gathering of Cosmic Pilgims from around the world? It is a quantum happening and your name is on the guest list.

Questions? Contact Sarah Mardell at

Imagination is a concentrated extract of all the forces of life. 

~ Carl Jung

“Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox. To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth. Then the river will flow, then we can stand in the stream of it raining down.”  
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Calling Cosmic Pilgrims to Gather!

The CODEX Course 
is a 13 month online experience 
 for those who are excited about
exploring consciousness 
through revolutionary self expression.
This curriculum is from the future.

Big ideas and wild imagination will request
a giant canvas and giant brushes.

This is an Intuitive Intentional Intellectual 
Painting and Writing Adventure(!KAZOWA!)

This isn't just for those who identify as artists. 
It is for everyone. 

Enrollment is closed for now. We hope to reopen again in Fall 2020.

To receive updates and announcements for events, add yourself to receive Shiloh Sophia's Red Thread Letters here:

Certificates of Completion 

will be signed by Shiloh Sophia and mailed to each guest who bought the ticket and took the ride

Certificate Course 

The time for you to explore your awesomeness is right now...

Testimonials and images from 2017-2018 Intentional Creativity Students