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"Everyone has a sacred assignment. Some of us are in contact with it directly and some of us haven't been able to listen as deeply as is needed to gain access. It is there though, calling in the darkness, wondering when the time will come that soul work can begin to live in flying colors. So much of what we spend our time doing doesn't feel connected to the soul. Creativity is nurturing for the soul and creates resiliency for the spirit. When we can live out creative lives and also serve others, the sacred assignment can thrive."

What happens once you apply? 

Within 3 days of applying you'll receive a letter of Acceptance. Or, if we have questions concerning your application, we will reach out to you directly. 

Upon acceptance into the Training, you'll be invited to confirm your spot with your deposit. From there, you'll receive access to the initial Orientation Materials. You will also receive options to make your choice about Legend.

We provide detailed information about the in person gatherings and tuition options, so you can choose your custom Training Path and offer you a phone call with Jonathan to discuss. 

Students are invited take part in the LIVE Legend Course: Oracle & Ally, which begins January 10th. Color of Woman students receive 50% tuition savings + extended payment plan options. This course includes an 8 week LIVE journey in which you receive access to a private classroom with painting support from Graduates + group calls. A perfect preparation to learn how we work together and join your classmates at the start of the year!

If you purchased the upcoming Legend Course at full price ($600) and choose to join Color of Woman, we will credit you back $300.  We will do our best to guide you every step of the way!

Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Your first step is the Video Interview with Shiloh Sophia.

Suggestions for the best experience, please read BEFORE 

you begin so you are prepared for this exciting adventure!

Filling out the Interview and Application can take about an hour or more. You cannot save your work due to new privacy laws. HOWEVER, you can simultaneously have a document open and copy your answers so you have them in case of an issue with internet or the platform. We suggest using a desktop computer as SOME have been able to manage with a hand-held/phone, but some have not and have lost their work.

How about a cuppa tea with the Maestra?  You will learn most of what you need to know about the training during her sharing and your own experience of the materials. The rest is in the pdf Invitation above. She will also review the commitment and basic Core Online investment - however we are now in the regular enrollment cycle pricing - see details below 
Enjoy the experience as it is informative about your journey!

There is a $100 application fee at the completion of the application. 
This deposit goes towards your training balance. By applying you are stating your intent to be considered for the training, and if accepted, to join us on our journey for 2019! If you are not accepted, your fee will be refunded. Your decision to submit the application will come at the end of the process.

The in person gatherings are all optional. The first step is to register for the Core Online Training.  You will then be able to choose In Person Gatherings and speak to Jonathan on the phone if you choose. 

You will hear from us with acceptance 
or next steps within three days. 

 Global Online Teacher Certification : 
Begins March 2019 with preparation starting now.  

Meet our Faculty of Intentional Creativity Teachers 
These are COLOR of WOMAN Graduates

Many of our Faculty members are Color of Woman Graduates who then are invited to be part of our team and/or provide collaborative offerings with Shiloh Sophia and the Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3.

We have offered well over $100K in income for the graduates of Color of Woman annually for over 4 years. Graduates are invited to join the the Intentional Creativity Guild to engage in the ongoing conversation and service of Intentional Creativity.

Read about a few of our Graduates and the work they are doing in their lives as a result of having taken the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.  

*Remember that you don't have to submit your application until the end. Why not give it a try and see how it feels. You'll know by the end if you are ready to say YES and complete your application process. Either way it will be an enlightening and illuminating experience!

Here's a word from the Co-Founder of the Intentional Creativity Foundation,  Shiloh Sophia 

Graduation 2018 - Maui, Hawaii

Red Thread Circle in Paris, France lead by Brune Yvrande

We will guide you every step of the path to prepare for your quest!

Begin your Interview & Application HereColor of Woman Invitation PDF

COLOR of WOMAN: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training
A 9 month Certification quest starting in MARCH 2019.
The Core Curriculum is all offered online. 

 In Person Gatherings in US and AUS* - come gather with us in person to pass the red thread and receive hands on support with your painting process. *Optional

Will you join us?    

This is a map of Intentional Creativity Teachers
Where will your dot be?

Here are some other things to consider and explore from our Intentional Creativity Guild (Color of Woman Graduates)

Watch Color of Woman Videos and Meet Our Team

Color of Woman Dates Overview 


MUSE .:. Catalyze Your Creative Soul

 April Sonoma, CA, US 

 April Bundaberg, AUS  

ALCHEMIST .:. Awaken Your Alchemical Feminine

August Philo, CA, USA

 July Sydney, AUS  

CORE ONLINE : March 1 - November 30 2019

Northern California USA Gatherings

with Maestra Shiloh Sophia & Special Guests

Australia Gatherings: Lou Reed, Jassy Watson & Special Guests

VISIONARY .:. Realizing Your Soul Work

November Santa Cruz, CA, US 

November Sydney, AUS

*Graduation and IC Guild Gathering

ARTIST .:. Create Your Own Archetype 

June Sonoma, CA, US

May 9. 10. 11.12.13. Sydney, AUS

Video Interview and Application Here

Open Enrollment Cycle

A few spots left with special pricing given to those attending the in person gatherings in California and Australia!

 Priority Enrollment Ended September 15th. 
Regular enrollment is open now through January 4

Questions? jonathan@mothership.world

Priority for regular enrollment is given to those interested in attending in person gatherings and who have completed Legend or are currently enrolled in the January course. You don't have to choose right now, there will be time to make your selection, but for now, check it out! 

Do you want to join us but finances are a challenge? We offer payment plans. The Core Online Training for regular enrollment is $5,997 USD. We offer generous payment plans for those who desire a Love Loan to make it work for their budget. Once you are accepted, there is a deposit of $1397. Most programs of this nature require this amount in full in advance, but we want to work with you. Payment plans for the balance of the Core Online Training are as low as $200 a month once you complete your deposit. We truly work with you and your budget and send you the Training Path Worksheet that outlines all the choices for payments and timelines. 

The in person gatherings are priced individually - and of course your investement and payment plan amount go up with how many gatherings you choose. 

Have questions or want to jump on the phone with a team member?  email jonathan@mothership.world

Are you called to gather others? To teach consciousness through creativity? Are you a healer, teacher or leader who KNOWS that image and language together is part of your future path? Do you long to design your own curriculum to bring about your big ideas? Can you see yourself leading in front of a room of excited faces who are ready for transformation?

We are summoning the Guides to Gather together and teach the curriculum of the future...is this your time?
The 2019 Color of Woman graduates will be teaching in 2020. 
What do you hope to be offering by 2020?

Shiloh Sophia's demo painting for Color of Woman 2017 Muse Gathering

Intentional Creativity Education for helping & healing professionals.

This will be our 9th year of Training and we have over 250 teachers worldwide as of graduating class of 2018.

  • Bring the gift of Self Expression to those YOU SERVE
  • Teach Intuitive Painting Workshops online and in person 
  • Lead classes and presentations in transformational art practices 
  • Guide inspired rituals for your community with the Red Thread
  • Create a body of work with 5 major archetypal paintings
  • Learn the intersection of teaching right brain left brain with the heart philosophy 
  • Gather online and person with visionary women in Sisterhood across the globe, during the training and after in our Guild
  • CREATE a Visionary Business Plan in Alignment with your SOUL WORK and bring it to life
  • Discover how to translate your gifts into content, followed by curriculum, translated into offerings for your students/beloveds.
  • Become a part of a creative lineage both ancient and futuristic!