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Intentional Creativity Foundation

Dear Ones, In the space of all that has been happening in our sweet world and the United States, this is an offering of love. The class will offer tools you can continue to use following the class. It may be intense, but it is intense already, yes? Let's see what we can do to move the energy to a new place. I don't know about you, but just having something I can do for ME connected with how I feel is a step in the right direction.

About this class: 

Colorful Scars is a class designed to free your hidden stories in an Intentional Creativity process. You are invited to: 

Create a map of your hidden scars to claim and name them 

Weave a pattern of integration, transformation & resiliency

Get conscious about the impact and how you will use your voice

Release trauma through ritual, stretching and breathing 

Lay down your shame and over-responsibility for the wounds

Choose color to bring life to the scars and their teachings

Claim your resiliency and next steps  to move forward

Ask to be witnessed in our private online Red Thread Circle if you choose.

No experience needed - just bring colored markers and paper, or watercolor paper. 
You can also paint if you like.

Allow your colorful self expression to inform the next steps on your path.

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Give your scars a voice to speak and move stuck 

Colorful Scars ~ Letter to the sisterhood of women!

We have long worn our scars
on the inside, hidden within ourselves

Doing our best to hide, to not allow
them show up on the outside

We didn’t want to be exposed,
judged, blamed and not believed

Our souls bear the marks
of re-membering what was lost

We have been shaped, girdled, silenced,
fragmented and shamed into looking good

It may be hard to speak out in a culture where it is popular to believe you caused your own harm

If you have carried the thought that you, Dear precious soul, have caused your own harm…

This is an invitation to lay it down for good
and to release your grip on self blame

Self blame cloaked as responsibility
has done more damage then we can imagine

Do you see how believing that you called it upon yourself, can keep you from speaking?

The dominant culture keeps this idea in place we know better, and can release ourselves

We have already turned our wounds
into teachings for ourselves and others

Are you ready to let go of this part
of the wounding you carry? Is it time?

When scars are only on the inside
they can take a long time to heal

We can choose to integrate, be witnessed,
be informed and take action

The colorful side of all of these stories
is that the scars are no longer only on the inside

Witness by compassionate hearts
brings color to the shadows which house the wounds

The light emitting from our colorful scars
illuminates the path for those coming after us

A warrior mark, a reminder, a tattoo
of teachings and stories to tell

We won’t forget, yet neither will we
be jailed by the past any longer

To those who would harm, we pray this colorful light
Reaches them too, so they may think again and heal

The freedom to self express is a basic
human right, and we claim this right for ourselves

We won’t proclaim the bright side
We will not dwell in the shadow side either

We see, claim and are authors of the colorful side
We have become She of the Colorful Scar

Signed with a hope for
re-membering our wholeness,

Shiloh Sophia, October 2018

Claiming Our 

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Disover Self Expression 

Notes on Process : The videos are about 90 minutes of content with Intentional Creativity. But you can take as long as you need to work on the process. Consider a whole day or more. 

You can paint along OR just watch then do your own process. This process may be triggering, and yet many of us are already triggered right now so the intent is to move from triggered to expressed. Consider an in person component - gathering with friends and or a follow up appointment with your healer and or therapist to share your work. 

You'll be able to share your process inside our Red Thread Cafe Classroom. Wednesdays are WIP day with an Intentional Creativity teacher available for support.

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