Intentional Creativity Class Testimonials

Apothecary Class 2018

Apothecary has been for me a process of exploration, an unfolding into a surrender to a new form of expression. The marrying of the therapeutic understanding with the quantum aspects feels very whole. There is something unique in the combination of myth, magic and cognitive understanding , alongside using all of our senses to come into relationship with the canvas so as to allow something to emerge that is so much more potent and juicy than we course plan for.  
~Frances Barker

Thank you! I am SO grateful for this process. The painting that I am working on is the first painting I have done since 1980. I am in awe of the depth that I moved into, the awareness that so much is going on simultaneously in my life and that this is just what I need to be doing for a whole variety of reasons. Thank you Shiloh! Thank you Jonathan! Thank you team that has worked tirelessly in the background.
~Meghan Humlie

Thank you all in the Apothecary team for creating this course. The structure gave me a space to I to feel into the voices from my youth. I experienced a sweet peace when I painted the broken heart and put the swords in ,like I had really touched the heart of those times and there was a letting go.

~Marsha Donner

I would like to claim that I Am Here! I've always been aware of the spiritual world but never knew about the spiritual and cosmic identity that we the living have in the world. This course has helped me that I am spirit and connected to all energy and as spirit can expand and extend outside of my physical limitations! I can be as big as I envision myself to be and that I can no longer fit in that small space I've lived in for so long! I am grateful to you all for this experience!

~Milagros Suriano- Rivera

Apothecary is helping me shift my concept of “My Thyme” or my time. I am relaxing into a new rhythm and not fighting the flow of time. I am discovering new possibilities for restructuring what I do from home rather than outside. I’m considering signing up for Giddy-Up with Jenafer Joy as a way of continuing to teach. So claiming My Thyme has become a true balm for my body and spirit as I adjust to this new phase of life. This course is life transforming as we shift tragedy to remedy. I hope to share it with others. It is good medicine!
~Donna Papenhausen

I stand in my own light
Song sounds through me
My muse is relieved
For The trust given
Resilience grows
Assessable for gifting

How do I thank you for all the goodness, all the healing and revelations that continue to flow through my life from Apothecary? Taken on impulse, this short but incredibly intense course has brought to the fore and resolved so many issues, some literally life long and left me with imminently usable strategies for further healing. Thank you, so very much for guiding me through such sweet, uplifting and empowering releases and remedies.
~Gloria Stafford

Apothecary was a truly intense process for me. The after effects are still rippling through my life. I went fast and deep into the process and I have to confess felt pretty crazy for a while, but by sticking with it, I came out on the other side and truly feel I have transmuted many issues that have ‘been running the show from behind the scenes’. This kind of work is not for the faint hearted. You are very courageous as teachers to take on such a topic as even most health professionals shy away from delving into trauma.  This process is a gift that I wish more people had access to. I hope that maybe in time or just through continuing to paint and talk with people, I might find some small ways to share the keys to this portal to medicine. Thank you for your work.  You are a gift to the world. 
~Karen Rogers

Thank you for your sharing and vulnerability that allowed me to observe my own stories from a different perspective. I feel hopeful that profound change is not only possible but inevitable as I fully engage the processes of painting and writing provided in this course.There have been many ah-ha moments so far and I'm certain there are many more to come! Taking the shadow box apart and cutting her away from the background that surrounded her was very profound and I could feel a freedom in me as I freed her from her plastic prison. I feel like I gave her new life and she gave me insights into my new life. I had to seal her before I could paint and attach her. The medicine

woman/shaman is showing up for me very strongly lately & the face at the bottom of the painting represents me as a medicine woman figure. I'm excited to work through this journey until it feels complete. 
~Marie Howell

This whole work of the painting goes so much further and deeper than its visual images as Shiloh and Jonathon took great care to help us understand. I am much more able now to be the teller, the creator of the story, and make it MY story. I see this work as a deeper and more profound version of something I have been creating on my own for a while that follows the same principles. Thank you so much Shiloh and Jonathon for creating this amazing course
~Feather Redfox

The heartfelt acceptance and nurturing and connection to the work, the experience and the community was just beautiful. I applaud all of you for your amazing efforts. I experienced a huge shift in my spiritual, emotional and physical areas in my life and I am a real fan of Shiloh and Jonathan’s work.  

I am just amazed! I have the most beautiful painting, but more importantly my painting tells me a story. My story. This process has healed my heart and I will continue to use the process long after the weekend. Thank you so much.  

I didn’t know what to expect, and it was an amazing experience for me. Shiloh Sophia and Lou have stirred inner feelings that I have not felt for a long time. Total peace and acceptance of myself. Pleasantly discovering I can create a painting!! I definitely needed this session, as the past year has been difficult time for me grieving for the loss of my husband. Please thank all your team members for such hard work and beautiful presentation.  

What wonderful medicine for our community. Thank you Lou, for your amazing work in the world. It is a privilege to be a part of it.  

“Prism was over and above anything in my wildest dreams. 25 years ago I had forgotten visiting curate space, a forgotten dream was to return to the space as an artist! So prism unwittingly fulfilled a forgotten dream! Prism left me enlightened, elated and gave me confirmation of my belief systems. Keep the dreams alive.” 
~Naomi Brunsdon, Artist & Small business owner, QLD, Australia

"I believe I feel a renewed sense of responsibility. There is a piece of red thread I have to take care of. I thought it might be optional. But no. I have to show up. That is probably my deepest realization in addition to really feeling that I am in a matrix, a plasma-like structure enveloping and encompassing all, affected by each movement made in it. I believe my painting showed me this very clearly and that addressing it will generate reactions and responses. As my matrix hostess/priestess informed me " if there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask".  As I understand it now, post hoc, the statement reflects the interdependence of us as energy field/particles. Somebody was definitely tugging on my thread, pulling the matrixial web there…"
 ~ Anonymous

“Prism is an experience of deep inquiry into who we are, what we are made of, and how that translates us into being, knowing and doing. I found it to be profoundly transformative both personally and professionally. Definitely an event to jump into, whatever your stage in life.”
~ Rosie Mac, Christchurch, New Zealand, Artist at Heartspace Workroom

"For me, PRISM has restored my artists vision of inquiry into the shapes and colour mixes that I see in the world, appreciating the texture, line and flow of the world around me and bringing to the fore of my attention that it is my tribal woman wanting to be heard."
~ Sharon Reiter

"Doing PRISM has activated a new way of seeing how I can align my business with Integrity and Mindfulness and my own sense of place as an active member of the natural world around me. I am inspired and super excited to take these teachings and design my future in accordance with my own heart path. I am very grateful for Shiloh and Jonathan's delivery style and creating a fun and inventive methodology of presenting this information!"
~ Tania Magennis, Artist & Teacher

"I had no idea what to expect and Prism totally rearranged, exploded and reorganised my being. To be immersed in finding your truth and opening yourself to the possibilities of what your life can be was amazing. We were guided so lovingly by Shiloh and Jonathan throughout the process as they shared their wisdom."
~Gisela, Artist & Teacher

PRISM Leadership Training 2016-2018

Here you'll find shares from some of our students who have taken Intentional Creativity Classes and Trainings. This page is a work in progress.

At my personal 42 degrees I am a bright, prismatic, sacramental Spirit given to others so they can discover how to shine  their light through painting and writing and expressive arts. 

~Donna Paupenhausen
Prism Virtual Lab 2018

I'm a newbie to painting and Intentional Creativity, and this course definitely "hooked" me. There was so much information shared in this course from Jonathan and Shiloh.  I can't say that I absorbed it all, but it was all very mind-expanding. I'm pretty sure there was smoke coming out of my head a few times as I tried to process things or from being blown away by it all. Fantastic! My husband commented, "Wow, you are really on fire and processing a lot about yourself during this class. Good for you!" During each module, I LOVED living into each color as I spread it on my canvas. So soothing and joyful to be a part of each lovely color. The challenge as the painting nears completion isn't easy, but I think I made it harder than it needed to be. I love being courage- ous at each step and being willing to let go of what was there

and feeling that loss, and also the wonder and curiosity of what would emerge next. There is some fear, and pausing during my process about going forward, but it is great practice for this thing called LIFE, the painting being a metaphor for this journey. Thank you so much, Shiloh and Jonathan. I am looking forward to more self-exploration, painting, and mind expansion with you in the future. I'm truly grateful.  

~Patty Lammatteo 
PRISM Virtual Lab 2018

Red Thread Guide

The experience of coming into circle, albeit virtually is a powerful experience and helps us to understand at a heart level that our tribe is global even though we act locally.

~ Clarity Henderson

To be led through this process by such wonderful women has been uplifting. They truly talk the talk and walk the walk. I have been informed and inspired by the Red Thread Guide process and, feel confident I can now look forward to sharing it here in my community.

Through the virtual realm, I have enjoyed months of deep, heartwarming contemplation and reflection, led by Mary and Shiloh, and supported by my fellow classmates. Being in Australia, I have felt the distance keenly, but I have appreciated the immediacy of the Facebook group contact as supportive and personal.

~ Liz Ferguson

I have been a classroom teacher for over 17 years. I can say without hesitation that my Red Thread Guide training was the most powerful, well designed, interactive, resource filled training I have ever done. Not only were all the guides and teachers experts deeply grounded and wise, their compassion and their being available during the course was outstanding. 

~Lexanne Leonard

I feel your heart open and thank you for sharing out loud what you hold there. I am so grateful to have you as my teacher. I learn from you still even when you think you are not teaching. Your kindness, your uncertainty, your deep love and generosity, are lessons that go beyond painting. I trust and follow what flows and guides me in the cosmos, what flows from my paintbrush, and life, and am grateful it has lead me to this time and place, where I am also able to foster beloveds’ abilities to live and love to their full potential and feel empowered to create their worlds.

~JP Kim

Dear Shiloh, what you are doing with Intentional Creativity (IC) is presenting a transformational tool for women to break through into new visions for their lives. It is way beyond technical painting skills, though there are plenty of great techniques you share. IC is cultivating freedom of expression using color, symbols, design, and a focus of the feminine that is birthing a new paradigm on earth. Yes, I truly believe that you are a Healer Pioneer, and I am so honored to be following in your stardust lineage!

~Katy Morse

After a Red Thread session with my Mom (91), daughter, granddaughter, cousin & niece, my cousin said "This goes down in the books as one of my favorite memories in life. What a special time! Thank you so much for this magical experience. I love you!"

~Hobby Parent

I am passionate to teach women in my Sanctuary the power of the process of Intentional Creativity, and that when I feel my demo ‘should be, could be, would be better if….’ I see with my own eyes and heart how these women shift in a short afternoon of intentional painting and Create Incredible Magic on their canvases!! And I say “I’m not here to teach you how to paint…thank you for that!!!!! Oh My….they so Get IT!! Humbling indeed!

~Carol Thomassy

I felt a deep heart calling to this training even before I had much idea of what it involved. It was such a sweet and yet powerful speaking of how to call and what to call, in an empowered way of reaching out to others and connecting in the sacred container space that was being created. This work gave me the impetus as well as the practical guidelines to call circles of beings, for me that will be mostly women, to create a kind of connection that I believe is healing for not only we as individuals, but the whole of humanity, one being at a time. Shiloh, Mary and Jonathon were teachers of great depth and heart. I loved you all.

~Feather Redfox

I enjoyed the immersion and focus... which in reality was a lovely, guided journey. In the privacy of my home, and then through actual shared practice, I gained wonderful insight and courage to share new skills. I am very grateful to have answered the call and found my way into the circle of the Red Thread. It is wonderful to know that new breath is continuing the tradition of weaving women, story and teachings in a celebration that offers depth and grace. You glow as you share!

~Monika Reis

I found myself searching for a spiritually inclusive, wise and creative community willing to accompany me on my journey of becoming. The Red Thread Guide Training has been the answer to my prayers, assuring me that I am a Spiritual Guide destined to AWAKEN JOY, and that each of us is connected to all that is, was, and will be on our red thread.

~Lisa Cohen

I enjoyed all aspects of the program and easily incorporated them into my journey. The price was affordable, especially with the payment options. It was absolutely worth the price. I experience great satisfaction in value received.

~Eileen Dyer

The Red thread guide is much about your beloveds as it is about yourself. Shiloh and Mary hold the container in a loving and sacred way. The Red Thread guide will give you the tools to find what is your own medicine, set the container of your circle as well as to ritual, creating your story, your own initiation and will gift you with a sisterhood of women who are going on the same journey, of service and love and wanting to share their gifts into the world.

~Johanna Rivera

Legend was the most amazing course I've ever taken. Not only from the support of all the teachers, but my legendary sisters as well. There is something so powerful that happens when women can come together in a judgement free zone, and can be their true selves.  Although at times painful to bring up the old stories, there was magic happening while composting them.  I learned so much about myself but most importantly, I learned I was not alone...and when you realize that, it gives you that much more power to reclaim yourself.  I also learned to truly trust myself AND the many times as I wanted to jump forward, trusting the timing of the steps gave me confidence...something I've had very little of in my lifetime.  These comments just barely scratch the surface of how amazing this experience has has been life changing and for that I am forever grateful! 

~Julie Houser Gordy


If you are ever drawn to Legend, then trust your instincts! I am about to finish the course and already my “Unleashed Urchin “ has already brought blessings to my life! Earlier this month I helped a friend with a Toddler/ Mother workshop, as as “UU” noticed that the toddlers were getting restless she doodled on some wallpaper and we “rolled and crawled” our doodles. Earlier this week a Director at work asked for feedback from the shopfloor and suggestions ! Within moments “UU” had seized the day, and made an appointment to speak with him. Yesterday she delivered her thoughts on how to use creativity and self 


Legend. This adventure was the beginning of a journey in courage, trust and truth for me and it proved to be the EXACT guidance I needed. I knew that there would be support and direction given from the Legend team but I was completely and wonderfully overwhelmed by the women I was journeying with.  They helped me lose my inhibitions about painting in a public format, about speaking the truth of my past and about assuming responsibility for my future. The process itself is mystical and magical but also completely logical.  Unpacking the stuff I had chosen to ignore was cathartic and shining

What I got out of this course was... a freedom to express myself in a way that I see myself.  I have been a shape shifter all my cognizant years (50+ years).  I find it a great tool to be able to blend in with the group and not stand out “much”!!    My painting is obviously divided into sections for that reason.  I can rearrange what part comes forward and what part recedes. I am skilled at it and have honed my listening skills. No matter what I am a person people tell every little detail to and end with the sentence…  I am not sure why I just told you all my secrets but I have…  I think my Legendary painting portrays a face that is responsive and I have my special animal totems present: whale and humming bird and all the flowering herbs.  

What most surprised me... was the stories behind the painting.  How I have always had a relationship with the moon and all the flowers – herbs and perennials; trees and bushes.  A forest is a very magical place for me to wander and I even like the small riparian border in the rear of my property for listening on a small scale.  I was also surprised about the hair that came forth.  My own hair is fine and thin…  this lady has enough hair to support a garden and birds to feed upon it.  

What I would say to someone considering taking a future Legend course... Make sure you are ready to look back on your life (the good, bad and ugly). Make sure you are committed to do the writing that comes with the process. Know that you are never going to be behind and you are painting exactly what you need to be painting for the items you can handle.  I was truly in love with the concept of Oracle and Ally.  I see why many retake the course Legend because no two classes focus on the same attributes of your life to create the painting.  I think it would be good to be a little familiar with the IC style and the techniques you teach; such as: glazing and scrubbing. During this process I discovered my weak point was composition and have since peaked my interest in learning more about composition (as in
preplanning what will be on the canvas) and space and size.  

I want to tell Shiloh:  thank you for sharing your hot mess self.  I found that segment to be honest and freeing.  I no longer give a flying fig if I am crabby and out of sorts.  I learned so much about truth and freedom from that one video.  I saw tassels at JoAnn Fabrics the other day and lost it laughing in the aisle.  I hope that everyone is “awake enough” when they take the course to hear the deep truths that you relay.  We only get one marvelous chance at this life and we should go at it with both boots on and a good “giddy-up” in our pace.  

Jena, thank you for your lessons on line drawings and the small short videos that really pull you into the subject.  I love to do line drawings and have found them to be a great release valve when I have to sit still and listen to a speaker.  I draw my interpretation of what they are saying and all

Mary, I loved your prompts for the writing.  I loved the energy of the writing circle you did on the call.  I love the freedom you gave us to express and how your style seemed to bring the best out in all of us.  Your art directions were on spot because you seemed to know what we were thinking from the writing we did and the direction we needed to be headed.  Loved the directive to listen to the painting more each time we painted.  It was a pleasure getting to know you better.  

The beginning of my love rant starts like this... I am so indebted to this collective of free spirited genius women who call themselves Cosmic Cowgirls.  You come and go as we need and you never reign us in but do protect us from the edges of the ledge.  The team is magic in the best sense of the word and each has a blessed relation with Shiloh and each other.  The phrase “each one teach one” is a personal favorite of mine and I think through the Red Thread you, as a collective, have done this to the betterment of this whole planet.  Happy to share the cosmos with everyone and will always remember this class as I paint in the future.

I will admit that now that I have finished Legend and Apothecary; I am having withdrawal.  I know how to find you and look forward to seeing you in the cosmos.

Peace and love to all.
Be well,

~Fran Malone

Hello fellow Prismers,

This program has totally shifted how I present my energy healing business. I have made a quantum leap as I move my energy practice from primarily personal to working with entrepreneurs and other business people.

I help them to release any feelings of scarcity or lack that they may be holding as they open to the wide and deep  abundance of the Universe. The quantum shift in their energy creates opportunity that they only dreamed of. 

As a Reiki Master, clairvoyant medium, medical intuitive and energy healer I intended to go deeper and broader in my practice and this Prism program has been a huge catalyst for doing that.

Thank you, thank you,

~Carol Walkner

The Peace Muse

Dear Shiloh, Johnathan and Prism Team,

I can't believe what a different person I was just 6 weeks ago when I first signed up for the Prism class.  I wasn't even sure it was the right class for me but I was so excited to learn more about Intentional Creativity and the class was offered in the summer when I wasn't working.  I remember thinking I'm not a leader of anything - maybe I should take a different class.  Now  

Hi Shiloh and Jonathan

I’m replying to the question you asked, “ How was Prism for you?”  I found Prism to be both exciting and challenging.  It was a definite stretch to wrap my mind around the science.  But once I did begin to get even an inking of what you were explaining, new vistas opened in my mind, my heart and my soul.  That was exciting.  I love the Yin / Yang energy of the two of you teaching together and the humor and lighthearted way you interact.  My Prism painting is very different from most of my other work.  It is rich, deep and complex.  It sets a new bar for me to grow into.  I’m so grateful I got to participate in Prism.  It was life changing. Thanks so very much.

~Donna Papenhausen

when I wake up in the morning I think to myself I am the leader of this day.  And when I walk into places that I'm a bit unsure about and don't feel really brave I think I am here and picture that first red line I put on my canvas with the gentlest of guidance.  My body, mind and spirit were in desperate need of realignment and nurturing and that is exactly what I got from this class.  The scientist part of me loved hearing the why behind things from Johnathan, the artist in me loved learning how to unfold energy through colors and a brush from Shiloh and my spirit loved coming into coherence.  I look at the painting now and see a journey, a strength, an acknowledgment and a wisdom that wasn't awake before and it all came through my hand thanks to your beautiful guidance and teaching. 

As I was flipping through the notebook I used for this class to take notes I came across some writing I had done in the winter (before I even heard of Prism).  I was so struck by own words and my call for help.  I wanted to share them with you. 

Can a softer way happen?  Can my own soft voice be enough to make a change in such a rough loud place?  Should I write it, draw it, speak it or build it?  I just don't know.  But what I do know is I can't keep doing what they want me to do in such a fast way.  Does my quiet voice matter?  They will keep going without me.  Help me to open to this need to lead others to a quieter path.  Bring me the right helpers and teachers to make this happen.  

Lead me from loud to quiet, from chaos to peace, from artificial to natural, from wrong to right, from rules to freedom, from stuckness, to flow, from scared to brave, from anger to love.   

From all of my heart I thank you for hearing my cosmic call and showing me how to find my 42 degrees so the light can shine through me.  Attached is my painting so far.  I have to head back to school next week but if at all possible I will try to get to the last call.

~Terry Cowher

Why what a ride that was! So much information, so much to ponder. I suspect it will keep me mulling for ages. It vibrates through my body which seems to be rippling with delight. In many respects it is not so much that the information is new to me, but  more it has reconnected me with the knowing and importantly moved the intellectual knowing of the physics if you like, into an embodied knowing, which makes much more sense to me.  I have found in my dance classes the past couple of weeks that this awareness is coming out in my dance.  I am physically making the shapes I have been putting on to canvas with my body too, which seems to be adding another layer.  Yes I move as I paint as well, but bringing these meditations into my dance seems to help them 'land' if you know what I mean. I would also like to add that I 

have so loved this course. It has been an awe inspiring journey and the fall-out from it will ripple well into the future I have not doubt.  It has filled me with a passion for expressing in paint that I never thought I would have, having always felt myself to be more of a maker ( bookbinding, spirit dolls that sort of thing) rather than painter, but something amazing has happened and it is as if the gates have been opened.  Now I get restless if I have a day away from the canvas! Extraordinary! 

~Becky Mackeonis

Held In The
Arms of Mystery

Red Madonna

are awakening.  The impact you are making on World Consciousness is rippling out and magnifying as the information goes forth. The ever widening fibonacci spiral of awakening that is happening through you and Intentional Creativity. It is literally World wide!

I feel so blessed to live in this time when we have the technology to see it happening. 

~Mary Ann Mathys, Intentional Creativity Teacher & Red Madonna Team

Our paintings are a vehicle for conscious awakening.  They represent the layers of consciousness and allow us to access regions of consciousness we might never experience if we are not practicing journeywork or meditation.  I particularly love the intense beauty in the way you bring this message to us Shiloh.  You are standing at the door and knocking and many Beloveds 

Muse Days Studio Classes

Sacred revealing... over the summer I took a day long painting workshop with Shiloh Sophia. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since elementary school. I love her artwork! The class was really hard for me because I had no technical knowledge and my inner critic had me blankly staring at the canvas for a large part of the class, wide-eyed and mystified. But when I left with the green, red and gold muse I painted under my arm, I felt intrigued at the process. I came home and bought some paints and supplies to play around. This painting started out with my poetry written on the canvas, a spray of rose water, and a prayer to use this form as a 

way to connect to my Soul, through abandon in color and surrender to the voice that directs each next step.I’ve been working on it and painting over various versions of things for over a month. I kept listeningIt has had many incarnations! Today the face came through and she speaks to me as a part of myself that says “Hello love, receive life’s nurturing and all will be fine”. For me creativity isn’t about being good, it’s about the value of expression. And, sometimes dipping into something foreign offers a fresh access. I don’t have a lifetime of stories and history attached to painting, it doesn’t mean anything to me the way writing does. There’s a lot of freedom to be learned from this!
~Ronit Ashkenazi

Imagine Class 2017

Wow! What a ride!

I am no where near to being done but I LOVE this process and I LOVE my painting!  I am working on THREE of them!

This one attached is my main one on my kickass giant canvas.  
Of note is my depiction of heart, painted in April I think.  In September, five months later,  my otherwise fit as a fiddle 

Imagine was an unfolding mystery enveloping layers of secrets and tears and shy knowing smiles into a painting that will speak to me for years to come.  Thank you and I am game for more.

~Colleen Crotty-Good

The Imagine process dissolved my self imposed limitations and allowed me a deeper expression than I’ve ever experienced. The Kali -like repetition of creation-destruction - creation combined with the focus of so many of life’s core issues helped me to let go of preciousness and my tendency to overwork things.   I relaxed and let it happen through me. Thanks so much for this amazing class.


"This course is one of the most creative and soul awakening experiences I have had as an artist, bar none. Your raw honesty and ability to tap into the inner emotions and places inside me, and subsequently help me transform these feelings into art, has awakened my artistic authenticity and helped me reconnect with my soul.Thank you. I look forward to every single month!!" 

"I love Imagine because it is non-linear and that's the kind of process I need in my life right now. Imagine is about painting your soul."
~ TS

"The IMAGINE painting journey experience has really ignited my creative juices.....  I love exploring the inquiries with shape and colour on the canvas and having lots of movement in my strokes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on such a big canvas. Its exciting to "find" spaces that have subconsciously appeared seeing layer upon layer of processing in a visual format. I am learning a lot about myself with Shiloh and Jena's thought provoking and sometimes quirky inquiry questions and I love how one theme merges into the next and the next. This is a journey that I will remember forever. "

Color of Woman
Intentional Creativity Teacher Training

Color of Woman called to me at a time in my life when I needed it most. I had never painted on a canvas before enrolling and had zero art experience. It was a dream for me to one day call myself an artist, never mind a teacher. But by following the call, I ended up right where I am supposed to be. I will be launching my own courses, holding workshops and creativity circles, and plan to sell my art. All things I never would have imagined were possible. The work I completed during this process makes me feel so proud. I am proud not only of my artwork, but for the woman that I have become. I am stronger, I am braver, I am smarter, I am happier. I never 

Color of Woman 2018 Graduates

If you are considering taking Color of Woman, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Shiloh teaches at a level that opens you to new places within yourself. Is it challenging? YES! Is it risky? YES! Is it totally transformative in a way that will rock your world and guide you to become a more authentic you? Absolutely. The Color of Woman School is a life-changing experience to bring you through your own material/story to go out into the world with the healing only you can bring. The support structure is awesome and the the ahas are plentiful. Below, I'm sharing my most recent painting, the Visionary and her message:

She Who Sees with Eyes of Love

your vision began long before
you were made aware.
Your dream started when
the touch of sacred golden divinity
breathed your form.
It carried on when the tending of Loving Creator
poured grace on your wounds. It seemed,
at times, your sight was misdirected,
plugged up, shaded. Yet, now you know,
all this was part of the abundance.
Now you know, your vision can’t be stopped.
You are the water that flows
around the resistance. You’ve woven
thread through the torn places, stitched
up the patchwork to cover yourself in
something stunning. But now it is time
for you to uncover, fold up your rainbow quilt
and boldly go.

You, one of the senses,
one of ordinary beauty,
will slow like molasses to see (see) your beloveds. 

You will hone your intuitive whiskers
to quiet and listen (listen) for that which
they silently carry in their hearts.

You will raise your voice
and speak (speak) bold and passionate
for art, intention and feminine beauty.
You will feel (feel) the energy and
move others from a circle of how
to a circle of heart.
You will heal (heal) the divide 
with sparks of word and image,
prayer and guidance.
You will smell (smell) the aroma
of prosperity to give and receive, give
and receive, enough for all.
You will taste (taste) the abundance of
the sacred chalice, one dipped in the
heavenly flow to bless the path
you sow.
You will honor (honor) those who’ve
come before you and travel the road
of the red thread with love and intention.

It is your time to go.
Be kind in the face of rejection.
Be brave in the width of connection.
Be grounded in Holy Love.

So be it

~Ally Markotich

There is a self within all of us that yearns to be well known by our inner most heart. The most exquisite, beautiful and efficient way to access that unique code of the self is by taking Color of Woman. The time has come for the creative heart of women, which will make the difference in the world, to be fully expressed. Color of Woman is the right of passage for the modern day woman who craves a feminine software upgrade. 

~Julie Steelman

WOW what an amazing ride it has been for me in the Color of Woman 2018 Teacher Training. I have gained so much insight myself through the painting process and the wisdom filled and entertaining teachings of Shiloh. The support offered whilst in training is the best I have experienced. Through my life I have always loved to make stuff however I hadn't been courageous enough to paint, possibly to left over residue from a art teacher in high school. During this wonder filled teacher training my confidence in my painting ability has grown through each of the painting journeys.v And yes there have also been moments of frustration, angst and tears but having a place to hold them in my canvas has helped me process these. I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey of self discovery and empowerment. I feel blessed that I can share this with others upon graduation. Thank you Shiloh and all the amazing Color of Woman team. Warmest Wishes to 2019 Color of Woman.
~ Maree Pilling

Color of Woman 2018 Teacher Training 

All those ladies getting excited and getting ready for Color of Woman 2019. Hang on to your Cowgirl boots straps. This is the most exciting adventure you could possibly do. In the safety of your home and the Red Thread sisters. To think that I am almost done is bittersweet. Push away from the shore...into the deep waters 

BOYAHHHHHHH ~ Lezli Palmer

Awaken to the Garden
of Living

She who dwells in the deep

She Who is Brave

Our Lady of Potent Love & Sweet Abundance

I feel a level of confidence regarding intentional creativity that now lives in my cells. I own it. (thanks to Shiloh and the training). I also have language for this work which eluded me prior to the training. I feel SO happy to be a part of this, to have 'checked the box' prior to incarnating to cross paths with IC, the lineage, and the work. In other words my happiness quotient has increased by a factor of divine deliciousness 

For anyone considering this journey, I highly recommend that you say yes to yourself. Do whatever it takes to walk through this door and you will find treasure you can't possibly imagine until you do. I'm graduating as a Color of Woman 2018 artist/woman/legend/alchemist/visionary/muse and can tell you it was the best choice I've made. EVER. Cheers to your "yes"! 

~ Laurie Morse

A Woman of Agency
& Abundance

I'm the author of seven (soon to be eight) published books, and very thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to have done them, but I'm not sure I've ever felt before the exact mixture of awe and accomplishment that I'm experiencing now upon having completed my Artist Initiate Book. As many of you know, I've been in Shiloh Sophia's Color of Woman teacher training this year, and it's truly been a life-changing journey—this book is a compilation of all the assignments and musings (literal and metaphorical) that have been a part of that. I feel so, so, so blessed to have done this work...deepest thanks and a bow to you, beautiful Shiloh.
~ Maggie Oman Shannon

Wellll...drum roll. Yesterday I drove 19 of my paintings over to our biggest coffee shop in town and the ART curator and I grouped and hanged them. I will post the results later...but I must say it took my breath away to sense, perhaps I AM an artist, for real. A retired singer, now painter like Joan Baez!!! I told the curator, at the end, this is my FIRST show, thank you for choosing me. Each painting holds an intention, and creatively I express it, the method is called, of course, Intentional Creativity developed by Shiloh Sophia and I got certified in the Women of Color Training. I consider the process cathartic, expressive and profoundly moving. On the back of each

Queen of Healing the "Fall"

husband had a very large heart attack that left significant damage to the left ventricle. Oddly enough, I had painted in the main artery (100% blocked  in the Sept heart attack), and the damaged area with ribbons of "drips."  I have a DNA helix flowing from it, and surprisingly, doctors said his heart attack was 100% caused  by genetics!  The white dots were painted to represent family dear to my heart and as it turned out, each one of them surrounded and held us throughout these trying months.  

I am amazed that this was painted 5 months BEFORE the heart attack, (without the aid of a crystal ball ;-)....just WOW!  Thank you Shiloh! 
~Tami Christopher

awareness to help citizens in her county and beyond. She was well- received with further conversations being generated with significant others! My willingness to seize the day- and begin to believe in my intrinsic worth is emerging! Thank Shiloh and her Team, especially Stella Mac and Jena

~Sue Bayley

the daylight on them made them so. much. less. As I move into Color of Woman I feel more prepared, more confident to speak and paint truthfully.  I enter with trepidation, excitement and the knowledge that I am choosing my path forward. Thank you to Shiloh, Stella, Jonathon and the whole team for creating this space for us to become!

XOXO With much love,

~Virginia Masson

Color of Woman is a life changing experience. After I did the work I now feel ready - with a wonderful body of work - to step in the world to teach and share Intentional Creativity. I now have insight on how create with intention works. Now I know how to cross the alchemical bridge for healing.  

~ Margo Van Strien

Innerlijk Kompas

She is now who she was born to be and she lives like she is living

This is not a painting course. This is really a vision quest into the landscapes of your Self. You will learn to paint beautiful paintings with the Color of Woman method but that you can learn in other workshops too. Color of Woman training will help you rewiring your brain, retraining your habits to really live and inhabit the woman you want to be. If you stick to the program and do what is required you will feel a shift. I had two fears: That I would not be "enough", good enough, talented enough, positive person enough, whatever. And that whatever would be taught, that I would not get it, that everybody around me would 'find', 'claim', 'develop', 'soar' but not me. And after Color of Woman I smile about myself with self-love. The Color of Woman experience has given me the courage to open all of my 

senses, to face my thoughts and emotions without fear as self expression and to express myself as an artist with my whole being in the world. I am so proud to finally think my own thoughts, feel my own feelings, and bring my unique self to the world. And not be a tiny anxious shaken creature anymore. I am Woman and I know what I want. Wow. I never thought I'd say that.

~ Petra Rosenthal

I have discovered the sacred in my artist’s tools of paint, water, canvas and brush. Of late they have become the vessels of the altar of my own unfolding. As I place marks on the page saying I am here I watch as word and image come together. Creating makes me happy as I tap into the deepest powers of soul and universe. Creative Imagination allows for divine cosmic energy to be made visible so we can see and own what we are here to cause and create on this earth. Once a person’s consciousness is awakened they are unstoppable and ready to bring into form their dreams. As a Color of Woman graduate, I support women doing this 

transformative work so as to deepen their impact in the world. I believe that it is together that we rise and we need to put our gifts to the service of the cosmos.

~ Margie O'Connor 

Fierce Tenderness

This quest isn’t for the faint hearted. You need vision, and a warrior spirit to delve into the inner depths of your soul. Be willing to go where the paintbrush leads, and fear not the glaze.... say Yes... 

~Sue Bayley

The Vision Quest of the Intentional Creativity Color 18 Teacher Training was far more powerful than I ever imagined. It took me on a magical journey to places I hadn't dreamed I could go and helped me recognize that I really am creative, and I really am an artist! Not only that, the paintings I created through Shiloh's 13-step processes actually woke me up more deeply to the sacredness of life, my role in it, and a deeper calling in my work of helping people heal from their inner wounds. Inspired especially by my final Visionary painting, "Sacred Energy," I discovered the work I am called to and want to do is to help others heal enough that they too can wake up to the sacredness of life, and I am very privileged and excited to now collaborate with others in co-creating a new Unity of Consciousness.  

~ Sherry Rueger Banaka

Sacred Energy

knew that art could make this much of a difference in my life. And now I get to teach others the same things. I am so thankful that my red thread brought me to Shiloh and Color of Woman. I am forever changed. 

~Amanda Abreu

Generation X - Visionary & her sisters 

The Wayfinder

I believe you have timed this training perfectly. There is no way to dive into the work in a shorter amount of time and the required completion date was a great impetus for me. Things moved along with enough pressure to keep me interested but never enough to force surrender. It was all laid out so perfectly and the logic of it is astounding! I felt like I was a flower pushing through the dirt, reaching for the sun, fattening with life and then unfurling into my own glorious self. As wonderful as all of the design was, the most valuable aspect was the love the was ever present, through each stumble and step. From Shiloh, the team and all of my beloved SiStars. It never waivered.

I spent my life searching for something I could not name. I wanted to 

bring more peace to myself and to the world through my art and just being more peaceful was too passive for me. I didn't know how to move forward into active peacebuilding but I found the answers through the Color of Woman training. Shiloh Sophia provided the process, information and tools I needed to be able to share my passion for peace with my beloveds. I am now prepared to work as an artist and teacher in my community and the world while putting my own peacebuilding spin into the process. 

~Virginia Masson

I have more confidence in myself. I think it comes from a realization that I “have my own information” and can do so much more than just reframe what I’ve learned from others - but also that when I take bits of learning gathered up from here and there and transform them, I create something new and wonderful! Color of Woman has given me a deeper insight into myself, and has shown me the power and confidence that had been buried deep inside me all along!

~ Tricia Ballad

Sparkly Badass Muse

My Muse

Color of Woman training is brilliant, compassionate, challenging, healing, empowering, and exciting. In addition to being a personal vision quest, it lays the groundwork for a successful business in Intentional Creativity as well as a superb training in painting for both experienced and brand new painters. As a artist, psychotherapist, and consciousness teacher I have worked with many well known teachers and this training has been the icing on the cake. I am so glad that I said "yes" to such a beautiful gift to myself.  

~ Cynthia Hymowutz

If you stay in the process you will change, if you are willing you will also grow. Finding a way to reconnect with ones self is nothing short of a miracle. I am grateful for the opportunity this training has given me and look forward to sharing it with others. 

~Sherri Odelson

The Artist

Color of Woman is life changing! Every step of this training is expertly designed and lovingly taught. It's a deep dive into the soul that expanded my consciousness, awakened my inner artist, and set her voice free! (feel free to combine this with my “what would I tell a friend” response) 

~ Margaret Trost

She who is wise and brave 

Before Color of Woman I was lost—I felt like a soldier without a mission, with seemingly no purpose. No, I had Purpose, but I didn’t know what to do next to move it forward. Two years of waiting and I still hadn’t found clarity on my Next Move. I finally just ASKED what I was to do and got the Answer, “Sign up for Color of Woman!” Cardinal feathers floated down out of the sky at that moment! I was lost, but now I’m found. Amazing Grace.

~ Kathy Smith,

What an incredible experience, one filled with such richness on so many levels. By far the best thing I have ever invested in, in my life. You are one incredible teacher and I am deeply grateful for your courage and bravery to create this life changing quest for women worldwide. I am so deeply honoured to be standing here in this circle of amazing women who dared to travel this journey alongside me this past year. Congratulations to each and every one of them.

~ Diane Merpaw,

I just finished a 9 month dive into myself – a Vision Quest really – using color, story and dance (and lots of tears, self doubt and all out tantrums). I am proud to announce that I am now a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher.  I joyously join a long lineage of amazing women who teach and heal using creativity as our chosen method to heal the self, community, and the world.  I know there are many ways to do this good healing work, but to do it with paint and creativity is pretty mind blowing!

Intentional Creativity is a way to heal and transform ourselves and old

using creativity.  We intentionally go within and mine for gold and release that which no longer serves us. I personally have let go of some long held beliefs and stories that have held me back for years.

I believed I was broken inside, because of abuse that happened when I was a child. I have carried that with me all my life.  I called it that “yucky” feeling that was always with me.  The one that would awaken me in the middle of the night and fill me with shame and fear. The one that held me back from flying like I knew I could fly.

Using Intentional Creativity, I intentionally went inside, looked at the old fear and painted it onto the canvas in front of me.  I pulled that old story and belief from my cells, my bones.  I painted it onto the canvas.  I literally painted that crap out of my body! I transformed it on the canvas! I made space in my body for a new story to emerge! I changed my story!

In gratitude to a beautiful lineage of teachers.

Shiloh Sophia –  Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training

~ Terre Busse,

My creativity on all levels is heightened. My sense of spirituality is easily accessed and expressed where it wasn’t before. Confidence in my abilities has grown, no fear to try or speak out to change an injustice.

~ Michaelanne Gephardt

Be courageous and do it! This was one of the most interesting internal journeys I ever did. I learned a lot about and made friends with myself. I am more confident in my painting. I use intentional creativity to problem solve and to ask questions. I became more connected to myself and my life and more interested in both. And I now have contact with my internal guidance system which might easily be the most important outcome of the program.

~ Corrina Jaeger

I am deeply grateful for being seen by you and invited to meaningful intentional co-creation. Your curious, kind eyes, are the eyes of the universe that recognizes her lost children and brings them home to unity with themselves. The nurturing space you create is a powerful field emanating your heart energy into the world.
I am a way shower. I am a medicine woman. I am a teacher of intentional creativity. My palette is in front of me and has been revealed for some years. From Shiloh’s 
hands I received a magic wand that I can and want to use to share with you. Use it as a walking stick, as a lightning rod, or as a mystics brush. It will open the doors into the multi verse of being and 

becoming for you and your children.  ~ Svetlana Pritzker, IC Teacher

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart all the way through to the portals open to my soul, I have grown, I have blossomed, I have fallen in love, I have used my hands to create, uncover, discover the breadth of beauty available to me!

~ Cassie Bull

Fantastic!!…..we now have work to do, as Shiloh says.
~ Lori Skoumal Reeves

The Color of Woman training is unlike any other, it is part Mystery School, part art college, part adventure. If you’re looking for a quest to discover who you really are then this is it!

~ Star Rhiannon

Thank you to everyone on the team who help to make this happen. Many, many thanks to Shiloh for her generosity in sharing this most amazing work.

~ Donna Papenhausen

Simply a huge thank you to Shiloh and all of the team, it has been the best experience and I wish it could have gone on longer, I loved every bit of it even the deep excavating parts! Thank you!

~ Jacky Fowler

Deep gratitude for a life-changing training. So much gratitude to Shiloh, Jonathan, Stella Mac, Jenafer, Sarah. A brilliant program both in the cosmos and this world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love to all of you. So glad I can stay connected and continue in the Guild!

~ Karen Maunder

I highly recommend Color of Woman Teacher Training to any woman looking to dive deep into her own processes and develop a way to bring all her varied ways of helping others together in a symbiotic way. This training will forever change you as you grow, awaken, and expand into who you are.

~ Debra Lynn Hanes

Shiloh, I had to remind myself of the glorious experience I had in Sonoma and the wonderful women, and the community I am a part of, if I allow myself to be. Your invitation to share space and experiences with you in Sonoma meant the world to me. Your warmth and welcoming style were encouraging to step out of my comfort zones and to walk in my power, the power I discovered through Color of Woman.

What can I say…I learnt to paint in a totally different yet familiar way and as the Muse spoke louder on this journey, so did other changes take place within me. The greatest gift of having gone through Color of Woman is that I found my tribe and I found the process and structure to share this healing work with others. Shiloh is nothing other than what she presents, real and loving. (be prepared for tears and laughter). 

~ Gisela Pineiro

If you are ready to do soul work and are committed to yourself, this is the program for you! It’s a remarkable and unique container to do deep work and catalyze bringing forth your vision and content in the world. It also provides 360 support in learning to teach and logistics and curriculum, and business development.

~ Jen Thompson

When I came across Shiloh’s Color of Woman training I was searching for my Soul work. I discovered that along with so many other gifts, I felt lovingly held & guided by Shiloh & the rest of the Color of Woman staff, in a journey of heartful & soulful content, deep connection & Divine purpose. It was transforming for me in so many ways: I recovered & discovered more of my authentic inner voice & am inspired to share it & I feel more grounded in myself as my 1# authority & creator of my life. I gained confidence in teaching, found my wonderful creative tribe, & received so many beautiful tools to share with others. The creator/artist in you will be so grateful that you said yes to this adventure! 

~ Lori Dobberstein

You will not regret making this commitment to yourself! The Transformation and Inspiration will blow your mind! This was the single greatest gift to my creative self I could have ever received!

~ Juniper Mainelis

Color of Woman has been a life changing experience for me as an artist and healer. The information, business coaching and painting the 13 steps has helped me to integrate all of my gifts as a healer and an artist into a form that I can share with women and help them to heal trauma. I have grown as a painter, because of the 13 step method. I love it! I love how it is so specific in method and how easy it is to share this with others. Shiloh and the other teachers are excellent in providing information and supporting you through the process. Color of Woman is a powerful, creative and spiritual journey.

~ Mari Dreamwalker

Before deciding to register for the Color of Woman program, I had been living a life of seeking something that I could feel deep within in my bones, but could not name. I tried to find it in my relationships, in my career, in food, and in piles of self-help books after the aforementioned left me depleted. Although I came out wiser about how my patterns and habits had been playing out in my life, and how I could live more from the heart and soul, I was still left searching. Then, in March 2013, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was flooded with an urgency to find the “thing” I had been feeling all the years before. I was lead, for 3 years, down 

a path of healing my relationship with God, reclaiming my feminine power reconnecting to my calling as a healer, and then finally landing in the arms of Shiloh and the Color of Woman program. I knew immediately that this was it, this is what my soul had been longing for. The Color of Woman program is utterly life changing. I am no longer seeking. I am beginning to live in a truly empowered, grateful, creative, awakened, self-loving way. Now, more than ever, I know and claim my worthiness as a woman in the world. Never before was I able to say, with truthfulness, that I love myself. Never before have I been able to see the gifts my pain and heartbreak have given me, until now. This program has been both a re-birthing and a homecoming. If I were to describe it in one word, it would without a doubt be: metamorphosis! 

~ Caroline Miskenack

Just finished the curriculum videos...this is exactly what I've needed. Clarity on how to bring all my ideas into containers and how to break it into all the parts and small steps to actually be a curriculum. Shiloh, what you are teaching us is SO freaking good, so complete, you leave no stone unturned. Thank you, thank you, I'm SO excited to play with curves (first), and then lines and cultivate my ideas into juicy sharable, deliverable, charged up material.

~ Laurie Morse

Gold Oracle


Taliswoman, Anna,
The Weaver of Feminine Arts


Legend, Nali, Guardian of Nature’s Heart


The Artist

Magic happens when I paint with you, Shiloh.
I still need to be taken by the hand by following your instructions.
And then I paint something totally different and wait for the moment when you show the next step.

~Joos Bouwmeester

I am a Color of Woman 2014 graduate and it totally changed my life! I met amazing women…and new best friends. I absolutely loved Shiloh’s brilliant teachings and Mary McDonald’s (StellaMac’s) biz wisdom! I now use Intentional Creativity to teach Healing the Healer workshops to social workers to support them to heal secondary traumatic stress and rejuvenate. (And to explore play with creative expression!). I've taught 100's of social workers and youth in the foster system. I work with three Regional

Academies in California and UCDavis, teaching groups from 10 to 100+ people! I just brought IC to Soul Camp as well. Color of Woman is a powerful, transformative course and method. I highly recommend it!!!!! If you are curious and want to see how I’ve used the method in work and life you can check out my website. Sending you oodles of love!!!!"

~ Rachel Bavis,

The Maple Leaf Goddess

The Divine Mystery

Past Color of Woman Graduates

The work I do is called Intentional Creativity, Pioneered by my Teacher Shiloh Sophia. We work through and accept and then reframe our stories, not through drug therapy, but through a kind of shamanic visualization which taps into our wise inner knowing, bringing back gifts and symbols and information . Once we have the message from the experience the emotion and trauma can fade and we can begin our new story. Our chosen story. Yes we have that much creative power. And the painting is always there, also created by us, reminding us of our sovereign choice and directing the energy both within and around us. I love how science is clearly confirming what we have been experiencing. Welcome to the new story of you. 

~Alice Rhyslynn

The Legend of

This has definitely been one of the most extraordinary journeys of my life. I am so very grateful to Shiloh Sophia for your vision, patience, love, nurturing and exemplary skills as a teacher in articulating Intentional Creativity, our lineage and all the gifts contained in Color of Woman and our Vision Quest. What a ride!

~ Lisa Adriana

Tribal Party - Shakira

Color of Woman was a wild and beautiful ride. I experienced so many shifts including learning to accept who I am, finding courage to authentically be myself around others, stepping up and raising my voice to be heard, claiming myself as artist, and allowing myself the chance to dream and confidence to know that I can make them come true. I feel well prepared to start my own creative business. I highly recommend the Color of Woman program. 

~ Jillian McGill


"The impact your contemplations, expressions, and teachings, along with our engagement with you, and our own art making, in the field of Intentional Creativity seems like one of the most valuable contributions to humanity and evolution, currently being made. It's changing the game. It's healing hearts. It's a potent, impactful invitation to go beyond scientific understanding to the landscape of quantum experience (which includes it ALL) while in human form. In my most centered still point I have the sense this is what I/we deeply wanted in saying yes to a physical experience. Thank you for constantly articulating the leading edge of human beingness. Deep Bow." 
~ Laurie Morse, 2016 Graduate & Intentional Creativity Teacher

“Shiloh is the one who originally put me on the path of self-healing and my calling. My life is generally clumped BS (Before Shiloh) and AS (After Shiloh). Before Shiloh, I’d lost myself in motherhood. I had forgotten who I was. Life was grey. After Shiloh, I found my creative fire again. I found my courage and calling. I know her teachings work. They changed my life and many in the Woman Unleashed community as well. 

~ Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, 2016 Graduate & Intentional Creativity Teacher

Your writings have kept me going and I find I enjoy teaching, and seeing the joy in students faces when they create. They teach me as much as I teach them, because they get me out of doing the same old things. I have to be creative if I'm teaching them to be creative!! I want to thank you again....and again, for pulling out of me what was already there. Things just not recognized and accepted, by me. I have much and I will continue to believe so and will contribute what I can, when I can, wherever I can. I am honored to work with such wonder-filled women!!

I appreciate you.

~ Phyllis Taylor

More shares about Shiloh Sophia & Intentional Creativity

 I first learned about Shiloh and her work while taking an on-line workshop called Lifebook 2012. Over the years I joined the Red Thread Community in search of like-minded women for support and a place where I might make an impact. It was there that I sold my first painting, it was there that i rallied up the courage to sell my creation in my first of many festivals, and it was there that I learn about how my muse works and how I can create my own medicine through intention and creativity! Fast forward to last year...I had the pleasure of 

Shiloh Sophia, creator of Color of Woman and the one who called in Intentional Creativity and art journaling many years ago through her own art journaling.

While I am the creator of Cosmic Smash Booking and the Source who has been entrusted to bring in this powerful method to the world to you so you may be healed enough to go out and heal others and their children. It was she who called it in. She is the Source!

And if you know about Cosmic Smash Booking, you know her work is revolutionary!

 ~Catt Geller, Founder, Cosmic Smashbooking 

meeting Shiloh Sophia in the flesh last year at the Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in Sonoma California and I just want to say that her energy, passion, and authenticity is even more tangible than I would have ever imagined! Shiloh has such a loving yet no nonsense way of guiding you into yourself and teaching you how to get your Muse and Inner Critic to coexist in that glorious sacred cosmic being you call you!!!! 

~Milagros Suriano-Rivera

My biggest transformation during this process was an opening of my heart and a loosening of my painting style, as well as a deep and connected sense of shared community. It was magical. 

~Martha Linden

Midnight Muse 2019

I am so grateful that I decided to take the Legends course.  It walked me through so many teachings and help me to step into new life that I really was struggling with .  The process is amazing as are all the teachers.  The words and the writing were as empowering as the painting.  Somehow the creation of my own legend or myth helped me clarify the issues I was dealing with. Thank you all so very, very much much for this amazing course. 

~Feather Redfox

What I got out of this course was learning to get to know myself and to love and accept myself in a whole new way. I learned that it is okay to be an emotional person. I learned that it was okay to not always understand why I feel like crying. During this course I was an emotional wreck so to speak. I had all these emotions going on and I didn't really understand why. I cried more often than I care to admit. 

What most surprised me was learning that in all of these emotions, behind all of my tears, there was a feeling of being unloved. 

I learned that in those moments I need to communicate this feeling to my loved ones so that they can help me (this is the part I still struggle

When I enrolled in Legend 2019 - Oracle and Ally, I took a risk.  Although I had been carrying around an art box for twenty years, I had never risked picking up a paint brush in my entire life.  I was afraid that I would fail the painting exercise and just give myself another thing to critique.  But I had seen a video of Shiloh Sophia teaching and painting, and I knew that I wanted some of THAT in my life!  This course was definitely worth the risk..

In fact it was life changing and I am now in my sixties. Shiloh Sophia's "Intentional Creativity" methods brought out in me what I had a hunch was there all along (hence the art box).  When I drew my first "Face" using the painting methods, it was so beautiful that I cried.

She Who Is

with), also to love myself even more in those moments and to be compassionate with myself instead of berate myself. 

This was an inspiring course and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Absolutely everyone involved is encouraging and ready to shine some love on you if you need it. Legend helped me see myself in a different, more beautiful way and it taught me so much about self-acceptance.

~ Jana Steyn

Fiery Daughter Gateway

I am here, and I remember

She also taught me to paint with "inside eyes", and not to try to match my image on the canvas to the outside world.  She taught me how to be playful, and take even more risks. Because as with life, acrylics are forgiving, and no mistake need be permanent.  She connected me with my Muse, who would often show me that the "mistake" was actually a brilliant twist in the painting and so I learned to listen to Her, and balanced my Critic.

I can now honestly call myself "painter" and truly believe the statement! 

The Face of my Oracle had gone pretty well, but I was intimidated by attempting to create am animal Ally. But Jena's drawing prompts made capturing my animal Ally possible and FUN (not to mention slipping me into this life changing class at the very last minute). Jena, I owe you for life for this! 

Mary's support in writing my Legendary story was invaluable.  Her writing prompts activated and clarified questions, so that answers could form. And my dear Art Doctors lovingly guided me out of the mud when I was stuck. Offering thoughtful and insightful suggestions for moving even deeper into my painting.

Although we've just completed the course, I can hardly wait for next year's class!

~Cindy Craig

Thankful for this medicine
Thankful being here
Thankful for threads
Of connection hearts
Of golden reds

~Susan Hubacker

As I lay in bed half awake
Yet still tethered to a dream
I remembered a place I’d forgotten
And where I was going now it seems

The lighting was dim and murky
With cobwebs everywhere
As I walked the dark hallway
And climbed the squeaky stairs 

I followed my nose Instinctively
And I smelled an odd perfume
Coming from a cabinet in the corner
Of this long, forgotten room

Opening the door of the Apothecary
Brimming with tinctures and potions
Bottles and jars and vessels
Filled with elixirs and potions 

What could these all be filled with?
Were there magic formulas within?
Why was I remembering this place now?
Was it time for healing to begin?

I reached for an odd dusty bottle
Wiped the label so I could see
The words were written in English
And it said “This is your Destiny” 

The meaning wasn’t clear to me
So, I gently set it back down
And reached for another concoction
Which said “What you lost, now is found”

Then, I lifted out the stopper
And decided to take a sniff
The aroma was pungent yet sweet
And I started to think “What if?”

I wasn’t sure what the dose was
Didn’t know how to medicate myself
But I knew this was why I’d come here
And why I’d found this potion shelf

I didn’t have to ingest this
Just a smell, was all I needed
Now I saw parts of who I was
Coming back to me unimpeded 

And it occurred to me as I tossed and turned
No matter what happened yesterday
I can keep the best and what I learned
And just throw the rest away

Then, suddenly I awoke
From this enlightening dream
Bringing back lost parts of myself
Remembering the essence of all I had seen 

I felt full of gratitude and hope
What I remembered was profound
I could integrate all the parts of my life
What I had lost, now was found!

Apothecary Dream (painting & poem)
by Juniper Mainelis

I love that someone could do this with no experience and for the first time... but even more so, someone that has a lot of artistic experience and has been painting with Intentional Creativity for awhile could have the same mind blowing experience!  

I'm telling you... My Midnight Muse has so so so much energy and happy twinkly goosy bump stuff going on that I'm just giddy around her! I needed this experience in a time when I was trying to call up my Color of Woman Muse while she was still wintering in the garden...  I cannot thank you enough Shiloh, for making it feel like we were all here together, gathered at midnight ready to experience something truly magical and a little mischievious... my toes are still wiggling in happiness... My heart is joyful because of my experience with the Midnight Muse! 

~Angie Delaplain

She Speaks with
Magic on Her Breath

Thank you Shiloh for all the work you are doing to make a huge change in this crazy world. My life has been forever changed from the experience of Color of Woman. So much healing has happened and continues to happen as I continue to apply your teachings to my life. Coming from a large family with a alcoholic father and a religion that is very patriotic, has caused so much confusion and chaos in my heart and mind. Through Intentional Creativity and working through those traumas with paint and intention the healing has begun. Am i healed enough ? Probably not, can I reach out and offer love and encouragement to other that are hurting? Yes yes I can. And it is your work and love for all of us

Red Tent Gypsy

that are struggling that continues to encourage me to do the work for myself and those called to me. So Thank you thank you and may your life be blessed beyond measure for all your love and sacrifice. One very grateful student. ❣️-- 

Sent from the luminous cosmic cloud somewhere in the quantum field... 

~Lezli Palmer

Codex : The IC Course

Codex is mind blowing and insight opening, crazy, expansive, messy and a wild ride that rocks my world. ~Jo Laurie

Door To Doorways : Jo Laurie's WIP

It was and still is, a profound and sacred experience that brings forth more and more insight and depth. I have watched the videos a second time, my painting being the testimony of the process, the surprise (which was a HUGE one!) and the magical elements appearing each time I look at it, or whenever the light shines through it.  
~Lynette Steele

painting I had a laminated card describing the WHY for the painting and the curator said they should be displayed outside on the wall!!! Oh that felt vulnerable. But right. After all, if someone else paints or experiments because of me, that is what it is all about.  
~ Jan Jorgensen

Color of Woman 2019 Students

I don't even remember anyone making art or writing as a hobby. So I gave up painting when I went to college. I am, in part, driven by the desire to encourage as many people as I can to keep creativity in their lives and not banish it like I did. I did my first Red Thread session with my daughter and granddaughter Loralai. She is holding the painting she made with me guiding her on how to paint a face - she is only 6! I will keep making art with her and telling her, as I did that day, that she is an artist, and she should make art whenever she wants and that doing art is important. 

~Dorene Stander

Dorene with her granddaughter, Loralai

Some of you will have seen the Intentional Creativity ® Teacher -in-Training logo I’ve been using as my cover photo and may have wondered what this is all about. This incredible course is the soul-work creation of amazing Artist Shiloh Sophia.  I came across her work some 5 or 6 years ago and was fascinated by Shiloh’s work and then the work of other women artists from around the world. This powerhouse stuff is not about high art, though some surely is, it’s about self-expression with a sense of purpose, awakening the creative in everyone!

~Lesley Dubroy


A message to Shiloh Sophia: Thank you so very much for this magnificent poem and these profound videos. You often invite us to place love at the center of all choices. To see the world, and all that is within it, through the eyes of love, to fall in love with each being and each moment that makes our lives so precious and alive, to recognize that the Divine dances in every unique grain of sand and every cell of our being, that is what it means to truly live, to truly celebrate the miracle of this life and world, and to be called to respond as a lover to our beloved, to acknowledge, beautify, hold and tend to all we love. Thank you. Love you so much!
~ Red Madonna Teacher and Student of 6 years, Dr. Havi Mandell

Thank you so much Shiloh Sophia... you speak in my language... using words and phrases I know in my inner knowing, but have never heard anyone say out loud. Your videos, exercises and paintings make me feel like I am with my soul sister... Your work is not only important, but it is also imperative and critical. I absolutely LOVE YOU. Blessings to you and for all you require. 
~ Donna B. 

My Codex experience was a magnificent adventure into pure consciousness and embodiment. My gifts and what I've come to cause and create in the world were revealed. Shiloh and Jena have put together a brilliant class filled with laughter, tears, color, and community, all connected in the quantum field. I learned more about the essential wisdom I carry and how to make a positive impact on others. 

~Karen Maunder

I was amazed at how this Codex process revealed a new way to understand the components of what I am about. To find a symbol language that defines my life journey, my gifts and my tools of self-expression. I am so grateful to Shiloh, Jena and the awesome support team!  

~Juniper Mainelis
Painting: The Clockmaker’s Daughter  

Never in my life could I imagine a place where all falls away. Where I am so whole yet I feel as if my borders, the lines of my body shimmer and flow into the universe, the canvas, the portal. This freedom is nothing I’ve ever felt before. Hearing and knowing, learning and discerning, making good beauty, even if it doesn’t seem beautiful, I become One in a way I could never have imagined. Oh, I am full of gratitude to be in this moment where I stand, with paint and brush and the cosmos whispering to me, ”Yes, this is you now. Enjoy.” Sent from the luminous cosmic cloud somewhere in the quantum field...

~Lexanne Leanord