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Online education provides easy to use classes designed for many different skill levels, including beginners.
You can access this material from anywhere
that has internet access, on the road
as long as you have a computer
and art supplies.
You can work on these projects from home, or from a classroom,
individually or as a group.

"We stand firm in our commitment to protect and promote the right to freedom of expression, including artistic and creative expression. In addition to being an integral part of the protected human right to freedom of expression, artistic and creative expression is critical to the human spirit, the development of vibrant cultures, and the functioning of democratic societies. Artistic expression connects us all, transcending borders and barriers". ~  This quote comes from a joint statement made by 57 State Members at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Welcome to a Brush with Healing, the first project of our video library featuring the Intentional Creatives Guild and global Intuitive Art Teachers.

Launching in honor of CSW60

We are launching in tandem with and in honor of the work on behalf of women and girls that takes place at UNCSW, the Commission on the Status of Women. We have chosen to launch a free video library for women guiding women in circles and workshops, and students themselves worldwide can share in this experience.

Our first project

Our first project, A Brush with Healing, will continue to reveal videos for free and for low cost to those who need it the most. There are free classes are available now. By signing up, you are being given access to the library - as well as registering to learn more about this work in the world as well as receive updates as new classes come on line.

Our Vision

The vision for a Brush with Healing is to provide easy access, with easy classes and experiences, requiring minimal materials to those working with women and girls in need and the men who love them.

We can imagine this being taught by fellow NGO not for profits in their facilities, as well as our individual students within our communities. For the time being, as we get started these are in English since that is what we speak - however, offerings for other languages including the deaf community will continue to be revealed. Consider this a seed which has the capacity to be an orchard some day.

Our hope is to bring this work out at a global level to those who need it the most through both online and in person education.

Intuitive art making and methods of Intentional Creativity can work to bring healing in many ways, here are just a few we have witnessed.

Our results

Working with intuitive art in a healing capacity has been happening worldwide since time began, it is an ancient concept that is gathering momentum as a way to work with healing trauma.

Through Intentional Creativity specifically, we reached out to our community of students to see what they had to say about working this way.

In our survey taking place in March of 2016 , in less than a week, over 250 women, 82% said that their view of themselves and their story of their lives has changed. 80% who had experienced a significant trauma or abuse said that creating has been effective to their healing. 83% said that it contributed to increasing their self esteem and self empowerment. 74% said it increased their capacity to be resilient with things like the news or the suffering of others. And over 92% said they would recommend this to others as a way to work with life’s struggles and celebrations.

More about how we got started

The Intentional Creatives Guild  and Foundation is a community women and girls and the men who love them, worldwide. It was co-founded by a husband and wife, Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia Lewis to further the work of healing through art. Our teachers are graduates of the Color of Woman School of Intentional Creativity.

Intentional Creativity as an approach was first introduced as a conceptual framework for art making by Lenore Thomas Straus in the thirties. Lenore was one of the artists who worked with the Roosevelts in the New Deal art commissions. Lenore mentored a young artist, Sue Hoya Sellars, teaching her how to ‘think’ and ‘approach’ art as inquiry and personal exploration and awareness. Working largely with image, word and inquiry in all art mediums. Sue then taught many artists, including Shiloh Sophia, and the two taught together for over twenty years along with Caron McCloud.. Shiloh's mother, Caron a poet and teacher began teaching her early to form her own philosophy, to study art and poetry and to learn how to 'be conscious. Caron and her mother, Eden, were both artist entrepreneurs and got Shiloh started early in her work with women and the creative arts.

The reach of what came to be called the Intentional Creativity Method expanded to four continents, reaching thousands of women and girls per month in online education, as well as in person in their school in California. They began to teach others to teach this work in 2010 in the Color of Woman School. There are now over 150 teachers worldwide.

How and in what ways can art making impact healing?

•Catalyze our stuck stories into stories of possibility

•Transform stories of trauma into tools for empowerment

•Show what is hidden that is ready to be revealed

•Provide a tool for looking inward for our own information

•Grants access to a new way of working with PTSD

•Integrate right and left brain for maximum access to thought

•Inspire action through liberating stuck energy

•Bring movement into the body and the field of space around the body

•Illuminate the gifts of the individual and provide image and language

•Move ideas into actions by providing clarity

•The creation itself, becomes a witness to what is possible.

•Increase self awareness and intuition

•Create connection through creativity community

This library is dedicated to the women in the lineage who made this work possible, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Lenore Thomas Straus in honor of woman and girls. 

We give thanks in advance to the teachers who are and will contribute to our  project, A Brush with Healing. And especially to our communities who make this possible, Intentional Creatives Guild, Cosmic Cowgirls, Color of Woman School, Red Madonna and the Red Thread Cafe communities.

Note about the graphic:
 The Brush with Healing Graphic shows
 a crop of a painting from Shiloh's sister Shannon Cinnamon
 McCloud from 2016. "She has been suffering with chronic
 pain, and degenerative late stage Lyme disease for many
 years. The green part represents Mount Tam, from Marin
 County, the view from the window she used to look at in her high
 level corporate office when she was well, and also represents
 the past. The strokes of color are for the women and children
 she knows of who have died or committed suicide due to
 Lyme. She chose this painting to show a sacred path to
 healing. In another part of the painting not shown, she made
 strokes for her injuries and surgeries. At first she started to count
 each one, as she has them numbered, and then she lost track
 and the painting just went where it wanted to go."

We are launched in tandem with, and in honor of the work on behalf of women and girls that takes place at UNCSW, the Commission on the Status of Women in 2016 - we are back in 2017 with new classes being offered starting later in March. Our free video library for women guiding women in circles and workshops, and students themselves worldwide can share in this experience. We have gathered women leaders in the intuitive art world. 

Welcome to the Hoya-Straus Art Education Library at the heart of Intuitive Art & Intentional Creativity. 

Our first project of this nature from the Intentional Creatives Guild is A Brush with Healing that provides access to free video classes to be used for self healing and education through the arts for both personal and professional use. By registering below you will be given access. No art experience needed!

A Brush with Healing

Image by Shannon Cinnamon McCloud

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