Join the Power Creatives for a quantum gathering online in the cosmos

POWER CREATIVES TV is a collaboration between the Intentional Creativity Foundation, MotherShip Broadcasting & Cosmic Cowgirls


OUR THEME for HerStory features
We are Feminine. Fabulous. Friends & Founders of movements, schools, methodologies & technologies
both ancient & from the future.

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe Episodes offer Practices & Inquiries for creating your own Sacred Work: a hot curriculum designed especially for you! 
Suggested Materials list at the bottom of the page if you would like to paint along with us!

You will gather in circle with the 'energy' and information of each of these gifted women. She will share her story.  She will share her work in the world with you. You will be part of a online circle to share your work, ideas and ask for support.

Elizabeth Gibbons
Artist & Teacher 

PALACE of the
Shimmer Painting Class
Watch Above




If there are two stars, they are also teaching a ticketed daylong class. 

MOTHERSHIP BROADASTING - Since 2013 Shiloh and Jonathan Lewis have been bringing streaming technology into the realm of the sacred, using ritual, quantum teachings, intentional creativity and sharing tools with thousands of viewers per month for both free and paid programming, reaching 4 continents, communicating to over 20k students each month and discovering how to bring creativity to the world. We have been working to get to this point, where our network, Mothership Broadcasting could share more of the powerful teachings in our circles, and here we are with Power Creatives TV.

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Power Creatives TV FB Page. Thank You!

Power creatives are edge dancers. Pattern makers and breakers. Mystics and Muses. Story Tellers
We are non-conformists and artists. Poets & Entrepreneurs.
Between the worlds we are creating alternate realities
in which we create our lives, our work, our worlds. Business is not as usual.
Gatherings of great minds and hearts can shape the future.
We are intentional creatives from the quantum field.
We are Torchbearers and the fire from our hearts blazes the trail.
Be warned. This may be hot to the touch and contents usually shift during flight.

Our Alchemical Cafes will take you to the edge of the comfort zone and invite you into the flames of transformation

PREPARATION & MATERIALS: The cafe's can be done with minimal supplies, such as paper and pen - and you will want to get a ball of red thread and join us with tea/coffee/wine/water, as if you are sitting with us (from a quantum level you are) and it will be so much fun.

If you want to track all the teachings and use this as Power Creatives School - You can get a new journal for the process, Mixed Media, and use watercolors or acrylics. We wanted this to be really available to anyone so we kept the supplies limited - that said - a journal is a great idea. Our tools are things like sacred storytelling, accessing your creative edge and tapping into your own sacred work - so there will be lots to document, draw and doodle about. This is a link to Amazon mixed media journals so you can get an idea, but we suggest a trip to the local store.


This is an extensive list if you are planning to watch all past episodes and purchase tickets for daylong classes.

2-3 Canvases larger than 16X20 - 30X40 is awesome - just don’t go too small
5 Pieces of 22X30 Watercolor Paper 140 lb. (IMPORTANT that it is 140lb.)
3 Black sharpies, dual tip, and other pens, gold? white?
Gloss Medium - Liquitex & Spray bottle & Glue (for mixed media)
Glitter & Gold paint and all that shimmers
Mixed Media Journal and all that jazz that goes with it, gold pens, white pens, inktense
Acrylic Paints/Paint Brushes etc. - Rainbow of colors. We will use GOLDEN Brand Paints, and you can use what you like. For suresy we will use : Quinacridone magenta, Quinacridone violet, Nickel azo gold, Transparent red iron oxide. Also love Cobalt Teal, Thalo Turqoise, Quinacrdone Crimson, Van Dyke Brown and Green Gold. Other brands could be for the red, blue, orange, yellow, green, browns. Lots of white.

COMMUNITY & Inquiries : There is also a way for you to join in, to share a selfie, a photo of what's in your cup as well as post your works in progress and answer our inquiries. Our inquiries wil be here

Teaching Threads of Fire 
These ideas will be translated into power tools for our viewers. To best receive the benefit of these teaching downloads, we suggest getting a mixed media journal, paints, pens, glue, and whatever you need to get funky with art supplies.

Creating Revolutionary Independent Media
 Claiming Sacred Entrepreneurship
 Working from the edge of Creative Fire
 Fearless Activism through Creativity
 Intuitive Painting and Intentional Creativity Access
 Awakening Your Inner Guidance System
 The freedom of working outside the dominant paradigm
 Feminine sovereignty & power, but not in reaction to patriarchy
 Digital Temple: How do we work with technology as sacred?
 Sacred Assignment  - What is yours to cause?
 Living from the Heart as an organ of Perception
 Women's stories - What makes someone a Power Creative?
 The Mystery of the Matrix and you as stardust
 Empowering our girls to rule the future
 Addiction, Madness and Moxy
 Revolutionary Acts as a saving grace to create resiliency
 Women's History - Did you know?

You will also learn and are invited to discover the work of each teacher. We guide you in ritual, quantum connection, intentional creativity, visionary journeys, intuitive painting on canvas and watercolor and sacred technologies.

BU L L E T I N      : B O A R D

Season Two is now completed 

Season Three is coming in 2020!


Shiloh Sophia
Curator & Artist


 Watch Shiloh's Opening Class for Season 2 above.

Chief Luisah Teish
StoryTeller & Author  

Storytelling in Paint Class

 Watch  Above


Sarah Drew
Author & Futurist

Gaia Codex 

Watch Above 



Christine Arylo
Teacher & Author 

Path of Self Love School

Wise Woman Class
Watch Above


Jassy Watson
Artist & Teacher

Earth Circle STUDIOS 
Watch Above 


 Spirit Warrior
Carmen Baraka 

Activist & Leader
Ancestral Wisdom 



In her Alchemical Cafe each Teacher offers story about her sacred work in her conversation
with Intentional Creativity Founder, and your host, Shiloh Sophia.


Amber Bonnici
Artist & Teacher

The Radiant Mama
September 1

Max Dashu
Suppressed History Archives
 September 15

Mary Gibbons Landor
Cosmic Cowgirls Elder Watch Above

Lana Holmes
Leader & Consultant 

Bridging Worlds 

Watch Above

Join Shiloh for a writing & painting process to bring a story to life
or heal a past story you've been telling yourself.

PCTV Season 2 Premier

 "Storytelling in Paint"

Intentional Creativity Class with PCTV Host, Shiloh Sophia

Watch Now! 

Share your process inside the Red Thread Cafe Classroom

Materials: Watercolor paper,
watercolor or acrylic paint, sharpies

Watch Cafe Here

Watch Past Episodes On-Demand including Shilo Shiv, Max Dachu, Flora Bowley, Luisah Teish, Desda Zuckerman, Chris Zydel, 
Laura Hollick and more! 

Desda Zuckerman
 Founder & Author 

Your Sacred Anatomy Watch Above 

Melanie DewBerry
 Author & Teacher 

Watch Above 

Episode 1: Story Muse

1 Hour Alchemical Cafe with PCTV Host, Shiloh Sophia and Storytelller/Author, Chief Luisah Teish

Watch Now!


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Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & Bring your Coffee or Tea! 

We honor and thank Luisah Teish, our incredible teacher and storyteller.

Learn more about Luisah, her books, courses and more at:

 Check out Luisah's Flyer of upcoming happenings HERE.

Watch Cafe Here

Episode 2: Art and the Earth

Hour long Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and guest speaker Jassy Watson of Earth Circle Studios, joining us all the way from Australia! 

Watch Now!

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Learn more about Jassy:

Follow Jassy on Facebook

Jassy's Upcoming Events  

Be sure and check out her BALI HEART SKETCH AND TRAVEL TOUR, 16-23 September 2017

If you'd like to paint your own "Creative Tree Woman", watch the video here: Password is WomanTree

Click here for Creative Tree Woman Materials List

Watch Jassy's Cafe Here

Kayleen Asbo
Scholar and Historian 

Watch  Above

Episode 3: Wise Woman

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Teacher, Christine Arylo 

Watch Now! 

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Join Shiloh & Christine for a Daylong WISE WOMAN Painting Class. Have access for up to 6 months

Learn More + Get Your Wise Woman Class Ticket

Liberate Your Feminine Heart Power to More Fully Express
& Be Seen in Your Sacred Work + Presence  

Partial scholarships available. No painting experience needed. Simple materials list.

Receive Christine's Feminine Power Time Podcast:

Christine's upcoming events - click here

Learn about Christine:

Watch Christine's Cafe Here

Episode 4: Ancient Remembering

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Author/Futurist, Sarah Drew  

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Watch Now!

Get your free Gift from Sarah Drew

Explore more about Sarah Drew and the Gaia Codex at:

A free Gift from Sarah ~ An illustrated, extended excerpt from her book, Gaia Codex:

Episode 6: Inviting Shimmer

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Artist/Teacher/Poet, Elizabeth Gibbons  

After the Cafe, join Shiloh & Elizabeth for a Daylong Muse Inspired Painting Class 

Take this class via Livestream or watch the videos later

Learn more + Get your Class Ticket HERE 

No painting experience is needed. 

A simple materials list is provided to you upon registration.

For those who need it, there is a partial scholarship available. Use promo code MuseDays during checkout for $25 savings on tuition.

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Free Gift from Elizabeth!

  A mystical, healing meditation with the archetype of the FOOL
from the Major Arcana of the Tarot.


Learn more about Elizabeth and her amazing work at


Video with Shiloh Sophia and Mary Gibbons-Landor,
the eldest Cosmic Cowgirl

Watch Elizabeth's Cafe Here

Episode 7: Bridging Worlds

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Leader/Consultant Lana Holmes

Watch Now!

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Learn more about Lana and her work at

Lana is also holding a Ceremonial Gathering for women called Rising into Wholeness, August 10-13 at the Asilomar in Pacific Grove CA.

The first 8 women to register receive $200 savings on registration. Enter promo code RISING200 at checkout. Learn more and register HERE.

Episode 16: Ancestral Wisdom
Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Native American Elder - Carmen Baraka - Spirit Warrior  


Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & Tea!

Watch On-Demand

An article from the Women's United Nation Report Network about Carmen and her work.

To learn more about Carmen and her events, you may contact her via email at

Episode 8: The Power of Naming 

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Speaker Melanie DewBerry

Watch Now!

Materials to Prepare: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Learn more about Melanie and her work,
plus request your free "Soul Naming Kit" at

Check out Melanie's new book, The Power of Naming HERE

Episode 9: Sacred Anatomy 

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Speaker Desda Zuckerman

Watch Now!

Materials to Prepare: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Learn more about Desda and her work,

Get Desda's book ~ Your Sacred Anatomy Here.

Watch Desda's Cafe Here

Episode 10: Storytelling in Paint  
Cafe + Class (class tickets here)
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Teacher, Luisah Teish

Watch this Hourlong Alchemical Cafe about Storytelling and the Muse - previously filmed - many women said how much they loved this Cafe!

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Join Shiloh & Luisah for a Daylong Muse Inspired Painting Class!

Watch Videos On-Demand 

We all live with personal myths and stories that are dominating our life, even if we don’t know that they are - they are. Join Shiloh and Luisah for this daylong experience, of storytelling and painting, where you will learn to tell a new story of your life - your new myth, and more.

No painting experience needed. Simple materials list.

Learn More + Get Your Muse Day Ticket Here
Watch Luisa's Cafe Here

Episode 11: Called by the Black Madonna
with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Guest Teacher, Kayleen Asbo

Watch On-Demand

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea! 

Watch Kayleen's Cafe Here

Episode 12: Hummingbird

Alchemical Cafe with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and the late Cosmic Cowgirls Elder, Mary Gibbons Landor, who made her journey into the cosmos in December 2017

Watch Now

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & bring your Coffee or Tea!

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & Tea!

Request your Free Gift

"Take a Retreat ~ Lead a Retreat" 

A Free Gift from Amber

Whether you need a little rest and replenishment for yourself or you're ready to lead circles, workshops or retreats for others, this bundle gift is for YOU!

Episode 13: Sacred Work

Hourlong Alchemical Cafe with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and

Guest Speaker, Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici 

Watch Amber's Cafe Here

Episode 14: Suppressed Histories Archives
Hourlong Alchemical Cafe with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia and Historian/Author, Max Dashu

Watch Now

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & Tea!

Woman Shaman : The Ancients : by Max Dashu

We encourage you to watch this 5 minute video if possible prior to our Cafe. Or you can watch later, but it's a good one to watch with many visuals of the feminine throughout history. 

Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe

Please tune into Max Dashu's visual talk on Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe ~ very rarely shown images ~ in three parts:

Part 1 - click HERE

Part 2 - click HERE

Part 3 - click HERE

Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion

by Max Dashu

In this compelling exploration of language, archaeology, medieval literature and art, Max Dashu pulls the covers off of heritages known to few but scholarly specialists. She shows that old ethnic names for “witch” signify wise-woman, prophetess, diviner, healer, and dreamer.

Learn more + get a copy of the book HERE.

Watch Cafe with Max Dashu Now

Ideas that come in dreams often have the power to shape a future that wasn't going to happen.

WHO ARE WE? Message from your Power Creatives TV Host, Shiloh Sophia 

We don't move the way the world moves, but in our own ways. Ways sparked by our creative fire & sacred work in the world. We lead from our edge not the existing paradigm or marketplace. 
I have been having dreams that become classes. This is the third one, and I am excited to share it with you! We have called a truly exciting quantum gathering of teachers together to share space with you, to offer teachings of what is being revealed to us and through us. We are Power Creatives because our work in the world is informed powerfully by our unique creative edge. We don't move the way the 'system' moves, but in our own ways. We don't operate in the existing worldview, we have our own frameworks within the MATRIX.  

We are Initiates. Founders. Artists. Inventors. Activists. Writers & Teachers who are powerfully creative. As powerful women we have gathered tribes, called circles, provided work for ourselves, and other women and men. To do this, you have to be fierce. And to thrive, you likely also have to be a mystic badass, which all of these teachers are. We are guided by our hearts and a powerful desire to serve and create a future we feel excited to participate in. 

Every guest in Season Two has created a school, a curriculum, a methodology, technology and/or a movement reaching collectively hundreds of thousands of women. Some of these women are rockstars you know, and some are new, up and coming women we want to raise up who have taken a deep dive into this alternate pathway.

What is also common amongst our Season 2 guests is that these women are my friends old and new. Women I am in circle with, or have taught with, or consider a friend, or in most cases all three. Power Creatives are gathering and we invite you to join us and gather the power together.

Our hope for POWER CREATIVES TV is for you to activate or deepen into your own sacred work.  

Episode 15: Triple Muse
Hourlong Alchemical Cafe with PCTV Host Shiloh Sophia, Flora Bowley and Chris Zydel 

Materials: Paper, Pen, Red Thread & Tea!

Learn More + Register

Join Shiloh, Flora, and Chris for a MUSE Inspired Painting Jam.

DARE to Encounter your MUSE! 

Register and Receive Class Video Access.
Tuition savings available for current students. 

25% of Profits donated to recent US Disasters.

A day of flinging paint, making merry, dancing around barefoot, eating cake and calling a global circle of men and women worldwide to join in the fun. DARE to meet your MUSE!

Watch Triple Muse Cafe
View all PCTV Season 2 Alchemical Cafes Here

Password : PCTVHERSTORY (case sensative)