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Red Thread Guide Materials List

Medicine Basket, Drum (these are provided for the in person in Sonoma)
Canvas 30x40 minimum and can be as big as you want!*Optional
Watercolor Paper, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, Sharpies Twin Tip Spray Bottle
Paper Towels, Water Jar, Palette or Paper Plate
Mixed Media Journal
A few balls of Red Thread
Scissors or ceremonial knife/blade
Special shawl or scarf with RED
Bowl for Water
Candle for the journey - get a really yummy one
Tea for your Muse
Chocolate, also for the Muse
Moon Calendar for 2018
We will draw elements from nature to include on your altar

Below you'll find in this order:

1. Team Contact Information

2. Invitation to join our Private Online Red Thread Circle on FB 

3. Red Thread Guide Schedule to date 

4. Registration for Sonoma Gathering - April 13, 14, 15 

5. Materials List to prepare your physical space for creating

Red Thread Guide Schedule

Here are the dates to mark your Calendar:

You can convert the times from your timezone to US/Pacific Here.

Week of January 1: Will be Orientation week. 

January 1: Red Thread Guide Begins, FB Group opens, blog Teachings begin

January 4: Red Thread Guide Opening Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific 

January 5: Video Delivery

January 12: Online Teaching @ 12pm Pacific. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

January 19: Teaching Post

January 26: Online Teaching delivered to your inbox. No stream. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

February 2: Teaching Post

February 9: Online Teaching @ 12pm Pacific. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

February 16: Online Teaching @ 12pm Pacific. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

February 23: Teaching Post

March 2: Online Teaching @ 12pm Pacific. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

March 9: Teaching Post

March 16: Online Teaching @ 12pm Pacific. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

March 23: Teaching Post

March 30: Online Teaching @ 12pm Pacific. Red Thread Circle @ 3pm Pacific

April 6: Teaching Post

April 13, 14, 15: Red Thread Guide Gathering. Attend at Shiloh's Sonoma Studio or watch online via Livestream or video. Details Here.

April 20: Teaching Post

April 27: Closing Video

Online Teachings & Red Thread Circle Calls
with Shiloh Sophia & Guild Teachers

About Weekly Teachings:

Every Friday, January - April, you will receive Teachings for The Red Thread Guide in the form of a blog, FB post, PDF, Livestream or Video with time in between to integrate what you are learning.

Livestreams are recorded in real time.  You can watch live, or watch the videos immediately after. Some of our Teachings will be delivered via Livestream and some via video, but all released in a similar time on that Friday. The streams are 1.5 hours. The Red Thread Calls are 1 hour. This means Friday's will be a full day of learning an support. Please know that ALL of this is recorded to watch if you can’t join live. It's all there for you. 

Our recommendation is that you watch the video or read the material within the week before the next Friday. Staying current is important and relevant to your getting the best experience. Be sure and schedule the time on your calendar now for when you will focus on the Teachings. This way it's already time you've set aside in advance. Staying current is important and relevant to your getting the best experience.  

About Red Thread Circle Calls:

Red Thread Circle Calls are every other Friday - and on the same day as the video/streams. Our Teaching will end around 1:30pm. Then we'll take a lunch break and gather again at 3pm for 1 hour.

RECORDINGS: All Live Calls will be recorded and posted in our Video Album within 48 hours. Video album is here:


password is 'red'

Note that video/stream content and calls are every two weeks and the alternating weeks are focused on written materials.

Sonoma Red Thread Guide Gathering

April 13, 14, 15

Would you like to come but haven't registered yet? We'd love to have you! 

Simple email sarah@shilohsophiastudios.com if you're interested in reserving your spot. This will be a wonderful time to Gather in Circle with your Red Thread Guide Sisters to complete our cycle together. If an extended payment plan is needed to make this possible for you, we are happy to consider what you need. Tuition is $750.

*Note - Originally the Sonoma Gathering was scheduled for the weekend of February 23rd. We changed the date to be near the end of the Program as more women were able to attend the April weekend and we wanted an opportunity to complete our cycle together in Red Thread Circle. 

Red Thread Guide Online Circle (Private Group on Facebook) 

Guidelines to acknowledge & follow when engaging in our Online Circle:

*We are holding circle inside of a private group on Facebook. This is your space to connect with and witness each other.

*While we are a women’s circle, this is not intended to be therapy. If you need outside support, please seek some. You are not here to fix anyone else or solve their problems, this can be hard for fixers. This is a professional level training for those who are 'well enough' to learn to lead others. That means we are mindful of the energy and the level of processing we bring to the circle. 

*Our Online Circle is designed especially for you - to support one another and connect. It is a place to request intuitive insights and feedback and a place to share with fellow Red Thread Guide sisters. It is not however a place to request logistical assistance (it’s too easy for things to get lost in the shuffle!) You receive connection from us during our video offerings, calls and teachings we share. The circle is not a place to tag the leaders or the team and ask questions. Only email. We will be in the circle, but we won’t be there chatting in the way you might imagine - this page is for you to do your work - although we encourage you to be there as much or as little as you need. We will be there sharing things of course, and all things of relevance for Red Thread Guide will be accessed here, on the Student Dashboard.

*You can also choose how you engage - as you don’t need to be ‘active’ in the circle unless you choose. There is no pressure to regularly post/comment. This is about you receiving connection in whatever ways feel good to you. Reminders for all other things will be sent via email.  

*We ask for absolute confidentiality in our circle as well as other areas of our sharing. We expect that each woman can handle this for herself and not share anything that another student has shared in any capacity. If you have a question about this, please email Sarah.

*We ask that you manage your own energy even though we are online, it still matters, think and feel before you share. Watch projections as well as ‘saving’ others if you are a helper. We know this is often obvious, but important to create agreements so we can build a strong container to work within.  

Also, please know that only those inside our circle can see what you post. Once all students are inside, we will upgrade our privacy settings to a "secret group" which means we are totally unsearchable on Facebook. 

If you agree to follow these Guidelines, then come on over! 

We will approve your request within 24 hours.

Action One: Read the Guidelines we ask all students to follow.

Action Two: Request to join our Online Red Thread Circle.  

Action Three: Check out our Way of the Red Thread Teaching Blog

Request to join our Online Circle HereCheck out our Way of the Red Thread Teaching Blog

Instruction to Join our Live Calls:

Our Live Red Thread Circle Calls will be held using an awesome technology called Zoom. You are able to join us via video online, which we love as we can see each other. Or you can simply dial-in on your phone if you prefer.

Here are the Access Details which will remain the same for all our live calls.

Join via video: https://zoom.us/j/399461513

To join via video, simply click the link and Zoom will ask to download the application to your computer. Follow the prompts and it will lead you to the meeting room. 

You can also join via video from an iPhone or Android by downloading the Zoom app to your phone. 

To join by phone dial: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 399 461 513

For a list of International Numbers Available, click here.


Required Assignment Tracker: click here (must be logged into a Google account)

Blog of Teachings: www.wayoftheredthread.org   

Online Circle: www.facebook.com/groups/redthreadguide/   

Red Thread Album for past Red Thread Zoom calls:
https://tinyurl.com/red-thread-circle  password is ' red ' 

Past Livestream Videos:
password is '
RedThreadGuide' (case sensitive) 

Team Contact Information

For logistical questions about the Red Thread Guide Training email Sarah Mardell: sarah@shilohsophiastudios.com

For class content questions email Dr. Mary McCrystal:

For support & witnessing inside our private Online Circle, Hobby Parent is our Hearth Tender. You're welcome to tag her in a post or send her a private message to connect. Hobby will also be present on the live calls.

Email Hobby: support@intentionalcreativityfoundation.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hobbyparent


April 13, 14, 15: Red Thread Guide Gathering 
Attend at Shiloh's Sonoma Studio In Person starting Friday or
watch online beginning Saturday via Livestream or video. 


Please have your materials ready in advance. Materials list HERE

These are the technologies we use to deliver this Program to you!

Live Calls are on Zoom
Live Teachings are on Livestream page
Video/Written Teachings are on Way of the Red Thread Blog
Interactions with students & quick team updates are on the FB Group
All the basics and links remain on this Dashboard