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Are you called
to gather others in circle?

We have been waiting for you...

A Journey of Imagination : Join us to Dream into Leading your own Circles

A Free Global Video Circle with Intentional Creativity Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia 

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See Yourself as a Circle Leader

A call to the women who are ready to step into the gentle yet powerful position of calling and leading your own circles. 

Hear a powerful story of what happened during Shiloh's trip this month to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and how the Red Thread was used as a symbol of connection and unity in a UN Board Room of over 70 people. 

Whether you are already leading circles or not, the red thread adds a potent ingredient to the experience of ritual and connection. Even in a virtual setting like a video call! 

"Will you be the one receiving the support or the one giving the support? Will you step just beyond the threshold now and be healed enough to gather others, or will you be the one needing to be gathered? Let those who are able, rise up and call their circles. You are needed. You don't need to be a rockstar or have all your stuff in a pile - you just need to share that love you already have in 'form'. That's what becoming a Red Thread Guide is all about..."

The women are gathering

it is our time to circle up, share stories

and curate the future generations...

will you join us?

 In our time together we will explore: 

Experience a guided journey to 
SEE YOURSELF leading in a new way 

Experience the one thing Shiloh Sophia does 
that makes all the difference when leading circle online

Learn the Essential Elements to 
leading your own circle and sharing your message

Hear a few of the legends of the red thread and it's reach around the world

Learn more about the Red Thread Guide Certificate program starting in April 

photo taken by Intentional Creativity Teacher, Brunhilde Yvrande, during Red Thread Circle in Paris France

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