Red Thread 

Our lives are offerings on the altar of creation

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Red Thread Circle at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Red Thread Guide Program April 4 - August 4

Note: This course can be done at your own pace, yet there is a certification schedule.  The materials are yours. You can choose  how much or how little, and when you participate and engage with the online circle. Here's an idea of the flow. 

Preparation before program: Purchase basic materials and book your schedule.

Month One - Doors Open: Orientation - Introduction to the material. Experience Red Thread Circle virtually. 

Month Two: Creation - Design Your Circles and your own sacred work, experience and plan ceremony and explore the infinite number of circles you can have. 

Month Three: Implementation - Call your Own Circle and learn the Legends of the Red Thread, begin to share with your community.

Month Four: Online Community Support - work with our online cohort to complete your coursework and plan your circles. 

Attend in person Gathering in Sonoma CA September 13,14,15, which is optional.  

Apply for Certification. 

Be added to the Intentional Creativity Directory of Teachers and Guides.

Are you called to gather  women into circle? Perhaps you want to call men and women...or children.

Are you interested in how to weave the future 
with the Red Thread?

Go get a cup of tea and a journal and take time to envision leading your own circles, conversations and ceremonies. This is a call to deepening your own voice as you embrace your piece of the Red Thread.

The primary curriculum for this program is rooted in the Way of the Red Thread: A body of work including worldwide legends and teachings gathered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia.

What is the the Red Thread? At the most basic, it is simply a red thread used in an intentional connection. A Red Thread is a symbolic and literal tool for transformation.  With an eye toward quantum ways of connecting across the globe, it is working with virtual circles in a sacred manner.  A Red Thread can be an insight into the understanding of our sacred responsibility. Leading experiences with a Red Thread includes circles, conversations, and ceremonies to create a powerful feeling of connection and belonging for you and your guests. To be at cause for creating this kind of experience for someone is something many of us long for. We want to make a contribution, but how? 

Our Certificate Program offers a media rich curriculum, developed and practiced for over 15 years with thousands of participants worldwide. 

The legend says that those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread and that they are ever moving closer to the time when they meet...

Message from the Co-Founder of Intentional Creativity

Dearest One,

What would it feel like to be held in a sacred container with a circle of wild and soulful women?

A counsel has been called together. We are woven with many unique colors…vermillion, magenta, scarlet, burnt orange, crimson and red threads from around the world.

 Each of us has our own unique piece to hold. Do you know what yours is and how to live it out? Most of us don't; it takes practice, ritual and discovery diving.

Perhaps you don’t have language for it, but you can feel it, just here, in the in-between. There is something calling you - but what? All of us must quest to find our voice, our place, our unique piece.

In the Teachings of the Way of the Red Thread, your piece of the red thread is that which is yours to hold and offer in the world and to your Beloveds. 

If it is time for you to define your contribution and live it, then this gathering has come at the perfect time. Trust that which is in your hands to hold, to create, to cast, and consider this Your Personal Invitation to Call Your Own Circles.

Perhaps you have been waiting for just this very thing to arrive in your life!

Imagine this invitation as a scroll, tied with scarlet threads by the hands of other women who are carriers of the Red Thread. We have been called and now we call you. Come!

Imagine that there are women who, like you, have felt simultaneously lost and found at the same time. 

Women who walk between the worlds. And that for a special time and space, a circle has been called and you have received an invitation.

 Imagine your name is on the scroll.

During times of transition women feel the turning of the great wheel within their very bones and in the wisdom of their hearts. Many of us are longing for a container, a sacred space to gather both in the ordinary and in the imaginal, both in the physical and the virtual realms.

We are preparing ourselves for the future, strengthening our capacity to sow love. 

As Saint Francis says in his prayer  
“...Make me an instrument of thy peace.
 Where there is hatred, let me sow love,
 Where there is injury, pardon;
 Where there is doubt, faith; 
Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; 
And where there is sadness, joy.

We do this with Red Thread. The Way of the Red Thread is very simple, and yet it is so very powerful to have something to offer in times of need and that opens the possibility for transformation.  Simple in that its just a ball of yarn or ribbon used as as a visual image catalyst. And complex in that it's uses are infinite.

And finally a class to study Intentional Creativity with us, that isn't about painting - but has the heart of our creative work.

I hope you will consider joining us for this journey. If you are looking for a new direction, or an added dimension to your existing path - this could be the call!

Signed in Red Thread,

Shiloh Sophia  

You will be held in a strong sacred container 
so you can do your work, feeling held 

and connected to others doing their work. 

You will gain the confidence to bring your own work forward.

You will become a carrier of the Red Thread 
and claim your unique medicine.

This program is a rite of passage preparing you and acknowledging you as one who holds transformational space for of those you choose to serve.  

The Way of the Red Thread is an invitation to walk in the world as one who carries her own medicine, and brings it to others in times of suffering, in times of great change, and in times of celebration.

We use the 'medicine basket' as a metaphor for what you carry. Your red thread is in your basket. As part of our teachings, you articulate what else is within your medicine basket. What you bring to the world as your gift.

What is unique and special about the messages you carry?

Who are you called to serve, and in what way?

What part will you play in the weaving of the future?

The Way of the Red Thread is rooted in the method of Intentional Creativity®. We approach all of our actions as acts of creation, and as creators, we understand our capacity to influence and create the future with mindfulness. Intentional Creatives bring mindfulness to what we create. 

The Red Thread is ancient and yet holds the teachings of the future.

You will define your own sacred path and discover new direction.

In becoming a Red Thread Circle Guide you will develop your own personal direction for your life path so you know where you are going! Good idea, right!? You will walk on your path as a sovereign being, knowing there are other sisters right beside you. A sisterhood of the red thread made up of women from many different spiritual traditions.

"One of the things I love about the red thread," says Intentional Creativity Founder, Shiloh Sophia, "is that it works within all traditions.  You don't need to have a common faith to bring a sense of the sacred to the circles you lead."

You will explore your commitment to a spiritual creative practice.

Many of us have felt estranged from organized spiritual containers, not finding a place where we can be ourselves and develop our gifts and be supported. We may be too wild and too wise, in ways that are not encouraged in traditional containers. We may not feel like we want to hang out a shingle that says healer or shaman, and yet we know within the center of our being that we have something that is uniquely ours to share. The way of the red thread grants access, a simple thread connecting us to our destiny and pulling us forward.

The world needs women who will guide the future. Women have always done this in circle. Whether that be around the campfire or around the kitchen table or in the boardroom - naturally we find ourselves gathering in a circle. In a circle we can see each other, we are equal and there is a dynamic energy moving between us.

You will claim ritual as a way of life.

Every day ritual is likely something you already do, maybe without knowing it, since it is so natural. As natural as creating beauty. It isn’t something that is saved for those in elevated positions of spiritual status. Ritual is chopping wood and carrying water. Ritual is whenever we move forward with intention. Ritual includes the lighting of candles, the blessing with water, the saying of prayers.

 Ritual is woven through every aspect of the Way of the Red Thread.

You will add new tools to your medicine basket.

You will learn the way of the red thread – how to lead many kinds of circles in templates we share with you, but more importantly – how to weave a circle within the context of whatever energy is present in a room. You can lead red thread circles as a blessing way, a pregnancy ritual, a birthday honoring, a death passing, hospice transition, for marriage... From birth to death and all the juicy bits in between, you will prepare your mind and heart, combined with structure for how to design experiences that are appropriate to those who are gathered.

The Red Thread Circle Guide program lives at the crossroads 
of generosity and prosperity, guided by grace. 
What if what is really needed by those you long to serve, 
is also what you really need?

We like to think that we are not pulling our red thread from nothing, but rather, it is pulling us forward. Our work is to surrender, and follow it where it leads. To let ourselves be surprised….a sacred assignment isn’t destiny, in that it will happen no matter what we do. A sacred assignment happens when we choose to show up for our own unique piece.  This takes work, community. inspiration and STRUCTURE. Circles are structured and that is why they create strong containers by strong women. 

Are you called to gather the women? The children? The couples? The elders? This is an ideal offering for those who have a desire to serve and be in circle with others. In terms of your lifework, you may be at the beginning or mid-course in your development. This certification is suitable for the advanced practitioner and the beginner as it is an apprenticeship to a philosophy correlated to how we weave and are connected to others.

As with all Intentional Creativity curriculum guided by Shiloh Sophia -  and with support from the Cosmic Cowgirls, the Color of Women Guild, and Red Thread Guide graduates - this Certificate program is focused on the development of your own content, leadership style and desire for service in your own unique way. The structure is a foundation upon which you develop your own way of working. 

If you feel this information lights up your heart, if you feel a quickening, then becoming a Red Thread Guide may be the right next step for your path forward. Trusting your heart and your intuition is the best way to know if you are making a choice in alignment with your sacred assignment!

Those of us who are walking in the way of the red thread feel that we are a part of the larger matrix that weaves us together. We feel that we were connected from a time before time and have followed our path to this moment where it is time to meet and catalyze one another. We feel a sense of destiny and a sense of arrival finding ourselves in circle with others. Here we are.

This is participation in a women’s circle through which you will become a facilitator of this sacred and special gift: the way of the red thread.

We have gathered in circle since the beginning of fire. Our hearts gathered under starlight, warming our hands by the firelight. We organized ourselves around the central hearth and as we return to this tradition, we remember the past, and are inspired to create the future that is ours. We hold the keys that are most needed.

      We are the ones we have been waiting for. ~ June Jordan


What is the Red Thread?  

A global symbol of connectivity, destiny, and storytelling recognized in many different spiritual and cultural traditions. A sign of connection. A visible representation of the unbroken thread between us. The red threads that weave the red tent together. The umbilical cord. The beginning of life. Red. 

A symbol of the circle without end.  

What if I am already taking Color of Woman? 
If you are in Color of Woman - the Reference Guide and basic Red Thread Circle training IS HUGELY part of your training. So in essence, imagine this is a red thread door that opens to the deeper world of leading Red Thread Circles. That said, you don't need to do both unless you feel really called. This program is for those who aren't perhaps painters, but want to be in the thread. AND it will be a great primer, practice and deep dive into the material.



Do I need to already be a leader?
No you don't. You just need to feel called to be in circle and to gather others as a natural self expression.

Is this spiritual?
Women from all spiritual traditions are welcome. Maestra Shiloh Sophia walks with Christ and the Blessed Mother, and the Magdalena. While this is not taught except in specific modules within the program that are optional, the frequency is held in this way as a part of her ministry and soul work.




Where does Intentional Creativity come from?
Intentional Creativity is ancient and belongs to all beings. This work as it is practiced in this context comes from a lineage of Intentional Creativity starting with Lenore Thomas and moving through Sue Hoya Sellars and onto Shiloh Sophia as taught in the Color of Woman training. Shiloh Sophia learned about the Red Thread from many teachers including Native American mothers.




What is the time commitment?
One hour a week, firm. Up to four hours a week, suggested. This program is guided, with a clear outline of curriculum delivered to you, but you still work at your own pace.



I have heard others talking about Color of Woman - how is this different?
Totally different curriculum, same good energy, education and staff. Rooted in Intentional Creativity - yet not a painting class. This is great for non-painters and even people who don't identify as creatives.

For any other questions you may have, contact

Our world is in need of women brave enough to call their own sacred circles into being.

Red Thread Circle in Paris, France : Photo by Brunehilde Yvrande

You have your own piece of the red thread. 

That which is yours to weave in the great unfolding. That which is in your hands and has been in your hands. You may have known about it but were not sure how to begin. This is how to begin. 

Gathering others in circle seems easy – the most natural thing in the world – and it is. And it isn’t - as there is much to consider.  To hold powerful energy and create containers that are woven together, there are very specific energetic and material preparations. 

Circles are the seed from which you can grow your own garden. Whether that is your community gathered around things that are important to you, or whether that is growing an orchard of abundance with your tribe.

It’s time. 
What time? 
Your time.
Time for the Medicine Women to Gather

Many of us have lost connection with our ancestors and ancient roots, and most of us didn’t have rites of passage to honor transitions into womanhood. When we heard of them, we longed for them. We are creating a new cultural context for the modern medicine woman to walk in the ways informed by her ancestors and the future descendants of our world and all beings.

The Red Thread Guide experience is for 4 months and there is a commitment –  the experience of sitting in circle and using circle as the learning place for your development is where the true value is. You will be forged by community – for we are forged in the crucible of community far more than by what we can learn by reading and doing assignments, or what we can learn alone. The community is the crucible of our own personal transformation and will prepare us to lead our own lives. Leadership is a discovery process, not something you can just make happen. Leading a circle is a unique kind of leadership, led in kindness, tenderness and wisdom.

KERRY LEE ~ Guest Teacher

Image by Glenview Skye


Guided by the lifelong work of Shiloh Sophia

Dr. Mary McCrystal 
and the Intentional Creativity Guild

Legends of the red thread encircle the globe.
Carriers of the Red Thread are modern medicine women ready to call their circles.

Seekers, Healers, Dreamers, Priestesses, Therapists, Coaches, Grandmas, Teachers, Dancers, Workshop Leaders, Poets, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Bodyworkers, Writers, Corporate Changemakers, Speakers, Thought-leaders & Practitioners of every kind can use the gifts of the Red Thread Ceremony to bring depth and beauty into their practices.

There comes a time in our lives when we realize, we are healed enough. 
When we are healed enough, we don't have to wait anymore 
to call together those we long to sit in circle with.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

Invitation for You

 4 Month Certificate Program Online + Sonoma Gathering


This is your invitation to be empowered as a Red Thread Guide working with circles and groups of any size and one-on-one for coaching/consulting.

 You will have the tools to:

  • Lead Circles + Workshops
  • Offer Ceremony + Rituals
  • Guide Sacred Conversation
  • Work in Alchemical Story
  • Create Space + Hold Energy
  • Design Processes for Transformation
  • Utilize Intentional Creativity Process with clients & groups

Create the Connections. Cast the Circles. 
Call your Beloveds into Sacred Space. 

Discover a new direction with you guiding the way...

Is this for you?


Do you feel something 

stirring within?

You're invited to join us for a Red Thread Weekend Gathering, September 13th, 14th and 15th in Sonoma California

with Shiloh Sophia, Mary McCrystal and Lavender Grace 

Red Thread Guide Program is brought to you 
by Shiloh Sophia, 
co-taught with Dr. Mary McCrystal and staff:

Sarah Mardell: Certification & Program Director

Lexanne Leonard and Amber Gould, your Guides for the Course

Ally Markotich and Diane Merpaw, Intentional Creativity Teachers providing active Support inside our private FB Group

Hobby Parent, Intentional Creativity Teacher and ZOOM support for Red Thread Guide live calls.

with guest teachers including Dr. Havi Mandell, Kerry Lee, Christine Arlyo and Lavender Grace

Learn More about our Team on the
Intentional Creativity Faculty Page

Tune in and see how you feel as you read. If you feel called, then you're invited to join us and become a Red Thread Guide.

What is the Red Thread?

What's included in the program?

Sample Schedule Overview

We cover many areas of circle leadership 

From birth to death...and all the bumps in the road along the journey...many of us long for initiation experiences to mark the passing of time. Whether that is a celebration or a trauma, or the marking of passing from one relationship to another, human beings seek out delineation in cycles. 

We want to know where we have been and then put it behind us and move into a new space - yet we are often at a loss for ritual.
 Red Thread Ceremonies create the context for living a life well loved, and being able to provide initiatory experiences for others and yourself.  

The Red Thread is a sacred technology : A sign of connection + destiny + desire + protection + transformation

In our circles we say 'tug on the red thread' if you need to feel us with you, and in an instant, we are there.

Red Thread Letter from Shiloh Sophia

Who is this Program Designed for?

What is the Experience like?

Shares from some of our Graduates

Do you feel the call?

Sharing the Teachings

We all walk a sacred path. Some of us don't know it. 
The power comes when we consciously choose to walk in a beautiful way.
And how wonderful to find others there on the path with us...

Our hope: You are our hope for the future! We hope you will discover the confidence to follow your heart and create experiences you desire for yourself and others.

Through the support of the Red Thread Guide Program, you will be empowered to call circles that really matter to you and the world. 

Red Thread Guide Program is brought to you by a Collaboration of Tribes

Here are a few of the things you can experience as a Red Thread Guide.

Here is a peek into a few rituals that Red Thread Guides will experience in our journey. In the work of Intentional Creativity we approach everything with a sacred manner. This approach leads to conscious relationships with ourselves and others. One of the ways we do that is through simple rituals, using the basic elements of earth, air, fire, water and red thread combined with creativity and language. 

Rituals for our guides 

Medicine Basket - can be any basket you would like to hold your Red Thread Materials

Drum (provided for those who attend the in person gathering)

Canvas 30x40 inches minimum and can be as big as you want! *For Optional Painting Process

Watercolor Paper, Acrylic Paint, Sharpie Twin Tips Pen

Mixed Media Journal

A few balls of Red Thread

Scissors or ceremonial knife/blade

Special shawl or scarf with RED in it

Bowl for Water

Candle for the journey - get a really yummy one

Tea for your Muse

Chocolate, also for the Muse

Moon Calendar for 2019

We will draw elements from nature to include on your altar 

Arrival: Welcoming into the Red Thread Counsel and Intentional Creativity Circle

Intention: Claiming your part in the circle and setting the course of your direction.

Connection: Setting up your altar as sacred space and connecting into the quantum field of our global circle.

Reclamation: Clearing out past systems/programs to invite expansive space for self free of pre-existing default settings.

Integration: Claiming of the Circles, Ceremonies, and Conversations you are called to lead.

Celebration: Initiation as a carrier of the Red Thread.

Storytelling and your piece of the thread

"The red thread is a sign of connection. It is the hem of the garment of the great dancing lady. It is the color of our blood. The color we wove the red tent with. 

Many legends see it as a sign of protection and blessings. The Asian traditions say that those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth, that it will stretch and tangle but not break. 

In our community we add another layer, which is that you have to show up for your part in the connection. Each of us has a part in weaving the great unfolding. We may not know what our part is yet, and the red thread teaches us that, and the more we weave in circle, the more we understand our sacred responsibility. 

Many of us who are lovers of life, healers and creatives can see the big circle, so we feel responsible for the whole. But what if we are only responsible for the part we are holding, our own piece to weave? How would that change things? We are responsible to know what our piece is, however. And to call others to remember their piece as well. 

We are all connected by red thread, shortening the distance between one another until we are finally here, in circle, together."

A big part of working with the medicine of the Red Thread is storytelling. Working with stories of the collective, the culture, the ancestors, the land where you are having your circle, and your personal mythos. Each of our Guides will design their own story of the Red Thread that they tell when they are working with the thread in their ceremonies. Each Guide will also come up with her own list of references for introducing the context of the red thread. For example - this is what Shiloh Sophia says...

The Red Thread Guide Certificate Program can be taken from anywhere in the world since it is designed to be 100% online. We think of this as working in the quantum field, and practicing 'connection' through the spaces between us. We also offer an option to attend an in-person gathering. At this event we will experience a Red Thread Circle together, hand paint drums, and learn basic rhythms to use in your circles. AND we will celebrate the graduates who choose to Certify. 

The Way of the Red Thread, written by Shiloh Sophia, is your Reference Guide. It is a manual of over 140 pages of wisdom and resources. This Guide includes ideas for different circles, developing your voice, deepening your content and message, and designing your circles. Also covered are who, what, where, when and what to charge, should you choose to make circles a part of your professional offerings. 

You will be able to start leading your own circles during this program. There are many tools, templates and resources to empower you to make that happen, supported by the Intentional Creativity Guild - women who are very experienced in using the Red Thread as a tool.

The Resources, Teachings, Templates & Support

  • Many Teachings you can use to call and create your own circles 
  • Blessing Rituals for individuals and groups and yourself
  • Explore many different types/themes for circles you can design and call
  • Extensive Video Curriculum Modules about leading Red Thread Circles
  • 9 Online circle calls with Q&A and support from Red Thread Guide Graduates 
  • Do an abstract Intentional Creativity  process to hold the energy of your journey
  • Design your own Self Initiation ceremony - a rites of passage just for you.
  • Create an 8-page Vision Plan Book with Intentional Creativity to call your Circles
  • Be supported by our Red Thread Guides through office hours 
  • Receive the recently updated Red Thread Guide - over 140 pages of supportive materials focused on our curriculum.

The Learnings, Discoveries & Creation

  • Learn about leading and calling Red Thread Circles in person, on the phone, over Facebook Live, in Video, and Livestream which is a versatile tool for all occasions
  • Craft a call toward those you wish to gather with in circle and ceremony
  • Discover a personal practice of altar building and everyday ritual 

  • Learn to source your Invocation poems and prayers for opening circle
  • Deepen in the practice of creating sacred space 
  • Choose to live life as a path of service where both you and those you serve are blessed, healed, inspired and empowered 
  • Learn to work with the directions and elements in ceremony
  • Learn to shed connections to old systems and weave new ones by choice
  • Learn how to bring Intentional Creativity process into your circles with basic materials like paper, pens and crayons
  • Become practiced at turning your ideas into circle themes
  • Learn the basics of energy in groups and how to work with change 
  • Learn how to work with the cycles of the moon in your work 

What we say about the Red the video

Dear One,

As our elders have told us,
the time for each of us to be leaders has come.
Those who are able, must rise!
Many of us have been called to call circles,
begin conversations and initiate ceremonies.

We feel this call in our bones and
a quickening of the fire in our hearts.
Yet many of us weren't raised in circles.
Nor have we experienced rites of passage
in such a way that we feel empowered
to lead ceremony for others.
We know it is needed and wanted.
We feel that it is time to gather!

The Red Thread 
is a symbol used in many lands with many legends. 
Most are rooted in relationships woven with connection, 
protection, destiny, resiliency, love and sacred responsibility. 

We are calling women 
into an experience designed to discover 

the mystery held by the legendary red thread.

Invitation to a Global Gathering

Birth Blessings

Healing Circles

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Wedding Circles

Moon Gatherings

Gather up the materials for your medicine basket. Hand paint your own drum with your symbols. Guide catalytic containers for transformation. Craft revolutionary conversations.
Red Thread goes with everything...

Birthday Honoring Parties

Corporate Team Building 

Daylong Story Workshops

Celebration of Life

Marriage Completions 

Rites of Passage

Circles with men & boys

End of Marriage Circles

One-on-One Coaching 

Trauma Recovery Circles

Message from Shiloh Sophia about the Investment: 

This will be worth the financial investment, as 15 years of practice and research is being condensed for you and delivered by experienced women leaders. Maybe you are saying, I don't need another training, or why should it cost so much to learn about leading circle? To which I would respond by saying - women have not been charging for their sacred services for generations. And it is time. We often work in the invisible and then don't have what we need to continue supporting ourselves. Part of our work with the Intentional Creativity Foundation is to support women with education they can translate into life work.

Think of this: if you lead one day-long Red Thread Story Circle at $100 a head with 10 people, you can cover the root cost of the program in one day. Imagine, not only from the perspective of what it will cost you, but rather, how you can use it to refine and develop the value of your own offerings. A portion of the profit for this program goes to our not-for-profit, The Intentional Creativity Foundation. The rest of the income goes directly to our team of women teachers, who have chosen to dedicate months of their lives to bring this curriculum into form. The value is here, the only questions are: does this call to you, is it your time, and is the red thread part of the medicine you are called to carry?

We have payment plans available for you which are quite reasonable. If none of them work, reach out to our team and we will do our best to work with you. If you are philanthropic and you would like to sponsor a donation for another sister to join us, we can provide a receipt. Depending on your business, this program may also be able to be a business expense. Talk to your accountant for details on educational expenses like training.

For the payment plans, they do include some mark up for administrative management of your plan.

If after Red Thread Guide completes, you feel you did not receive value and can provide documentation that you gave the Course a fair chance, we will refund your investment in full. 

You will know if it is right for you, and if so - come on over and join us!

In one way or another, all of our ancestors worked with the cardinal directions and the elements of earth, air, fire & water.
These are gifts from creation available to All to work with in LOVE.

Are you called to gather others into sacred space?

Would you like to be held 
in a strong container to practice?

Do you fancy the idea of being able to 
add the red thread to your medicine basket of gifts?

Materials List

Intentional Creativity in action

We have an optional painting thread woven throughout the program. Throughout our time together, we will be working on one abstract expressionism painting that will represent your circles and your beloveds. This is about you expressing what's coming through internally onto the canvas and gaining greater access to your ideas. No painting skills/experience required. Delivered via video. Led by Shiloh Sophia and Dr. Mary McCrystal.

More Shares About Red Thread Circle from the IC Guild

I NEVER lead a workshop without doing Red Thread. I have shared it everywhere I go...the most powerful part always being before we cut ourselves free to hold only our part. It's all about setting - and holding - the container. ~ Tina Greene,  

I open every event I lead with The Red Thread Ceremony. It acts as an icebreaker, a heart to heart connector, a conversation maker, a moment of transformation as an individual and as the collective, and is always remembered. My clientele comes back wanting more and bringing friends. Such a simple, powerful and profound gift for any group of people.
~ Kerry Lee, 

I've participated in circles for decades, and find the Red Thread ceremony offers a wonderful way for people to hone in on what they have to share and holding space for others. I open my classes and workshops with it, and love the magical moment when I hold up the ball and say "you're not responsible for the whole ball!" I would love to be involved in the training in some capacity! ~ Nadya King

I always do a Red Thread ceremony when I teach! Many women say that is the most powerful aspect of the workshop--sharing intimate information in sacred space and holding the container for that trust to be shared opens up the channels of creativity, connection and community!! ~ Janet Lavendoski Holmes

What a beautiful offering Shiloh Sophia, yes, always use the red thread in opening, intended as welcoming all scattered parts of self to land safely and connect to the wholeness of being, extended outwardly into community. Always refer IC to my tribe as it has changed my life significantly and l experienced first hand how a practice within a creative community holds so much more potential. ~ Marihet Hammann   

I also begin my workshops with a red thread circle and have led very powerful red thread circles with my family and friends.  ~ Gina Fong Seidler      

This morning my husband told me he sees me light up whenever I lead a Red Thread Circle and that i seem to be at my very best when doing so. The entry into my operations here at Gefion Art & Guest House go through my Red Thread Cafés, which is a great way of introducing people to the way of the red thread and the work with IC even the most skeptical of people seem to fancy the thread, and no matter how many circles they have been in, they are amazed when I tell them - we are connected "now you can see it".  ~ Jessica Enevlold

As a sacred embroiderer, I very consciously lead my thread in connection with Soul and Spirit. It naturally brought me to the Red Thread Circle where I felt immediately part of fellow wise sisters who speak the same language. It is magic how such a simple metaphor and device like the red thread can form a space for witnessing each other, simply being and present to what is now. And with intention and the safe environment of a circle beautiful intentions get planted and manifest. Magic in action and exactly up my streak as a sacred embroiderer. ~ Erika Maizi

Even if I did not really know why, when I enrolled, this program fitted perfectly into my toolbox/medecine basket and I connected to so many different wonderful souls... feeling blessed and showered with gifts! I connected to a bigger part of my tribe, and that makes me stronger, and more resilient. So grateful! ~ Johanna Ringe

Within the Red Thread circle people feel grounded and inspired, they feel connected to self, other, and purpose. People often reflect never having had an experience that has ever compared. Red Thread circles are a clear field of connectivity. They bypass spiritual belief systems and religion which gives people an opportunity to experience connection in a new way. Because of his I have been able to lead circles in many different settings and systems, professional, clinical and personal, crossing boundaries of hierarchy and identity, to leave people with the profound and fundamental experience of connection and sovereignty."  

I am so thrilled to be a part of Red Thread Circle training. It has been a long time in the making yet is landing at the perfect time, when people need it most, with divine timing. Thank you Shiloh Sophia for receiving the information and creating the spaces for this to land. For dedicating your time and energy. For gathering the people, and speaking and giving form to what is needed. I already have clinical therapists that want to sign up. They are ready.  Here is some of what I say to people if they have not experienced a Red Thread Circle: 

 "Red Thread circles are a way for people of many different origins and paths to come together in an intentional space, to witness and be witnessed, to be present to the moment, and attend their own piece of the thread.

 Are you called to gather others into circle? 

Do you feel called to the Red Thread and Intentional Creativity?

Do you feel it is time to design your own self initiation? 

Do you have a sense that you carry medicine for the people?

Do you have a desire to be in a supported sisterhood?

Are you the one people come to in your community 

in times of transition, hardship and celebration?

Then you may be a CIRCLE LEADER!

This is your invitation to access the

skills and tools you need to guide circles of transformation. 

Called to Circle : Symbols, Legends & Ritual

Sacred Responsibility : 9 Teachings of the Red Thread
Discover many Circle styles + Claim your Circle

Your message + Your tribe + Your Mythos

Language : Stories + Poems + Leadership Style

Holding Energy + Creating Sacred Space + Casting Circles

Designing Ceremony + Custom Rituals + Prosperity

Vision for yourself and the world + Self Initiation Party

Lead your Circles and become a certified Guide  

*This overview is subject to change. The order in which the curriculum is delivered may vary. 

Photos from our 2018 Retreat

I have been a classroom teacher for over 17 years. I can say without hesitation that my Red Thread Guide training was the most powerful, well designed, interactive, resource filled training I have ever done. Not only were all the guides and teachers experts deeply grounded and wise, their compassion and their being available during the course was outstanding.
~ Lexanne Leonard

To be led through this process by such wonderful women has been uplifting. They truly talk the talk and walk the walk. I have been informed and inspired by the Red Thread Guide process and feel confident I can now look forward to sharing it here in my community.

Through the virtual realm, I have enjoyed months of deep, heartwarming contemplation and reflection, led by Mary and Shiloh, and supported by my fellow classmates. Being in Australia, I have felt the distance keenly, but I have appreciated the immediacy of the Facebook group contact as supportive and personal.  
~ Liz Ferguson

The experience of coming into circle, albeit virtually is a powerful experience and helps us to understand at a heart level that our tribe is global even though we act locally.

- Clarity Henderson

I felt a deep heart calling to this training even before I had much idea of what it involved. It was such a sweet and yet powerful speaking of how to call and what to call, in an empowered way of reaching out to others and connecting in the sacred container space that was being created. This work gave me the impetus as well as the practical guidelines to call circles of beings, for me that will be mostly women, to create a kind of connection that I believe is healing for not only we as individuals, but the whole of humanity, one being at a time. Shiloh, Mary and Jonathan were teachers of great depth and heart. I loved you all.

-Feather Redfox

I enjoyed the immersion and focus... which in reality was a lovely, guided journey. In the privacy of my home, and then through actual shared practice, I gained wonderful insight and courage to share new skills. I am very grateful to have answered the call and found my way into the circle of the Red Thread. It is wonderful to know that new breath is continuing the tradition of weaving women, story and teachings in a celebration that offers depth and grace. You glow as you share!

-Monika Reis

I found myself searching for a spiritually inclusive, wise and creative community willing to accompany me on my journey of becoming. The Red Thread Guide Training has been the answer to my prayers, assuring me that I am a Spiritual Guide destined to AWAKEN JOY, and that each of us is connected to all that is, was, and will be on our red thread.

-Lisa Cohen

I enjoyed all aspects of the program and easily incorporated them into my journey. The price was affordable, especially with the payment options. It was absolutely worth the price. I experience great satisfaction in value received.

- Eileen Dyer

The Red Thread Guide program is as much about your beloveds as it is about yourself. Shiloh and Mary hold the container in a loving and sacred way. The Red Thread Guide program gives you the tools to find what is your own medicine, set the container of your circle as well as to ritual, creating your story, your own initiation and will gift you with a sisterhood of women who are going on the same journey, of service and love and wanting to share their gifts into the world.

- Johanna Rivera

For choices 2 and 3, the Investment includes the Certificate cost of $397. 

You can request to add Certification later for $500. We encourage you to add this now so you can follow along with the assignments + receive support and encouragement from our team to Certify on time. Plus, you can include the Certification in your payment plan upon registration and will save $100.

If you are unsure whether to attend the Gathering, you can add it later based on availability, but the price will go up to $900. The sooner we can know if you're coming, the easier it is for us to plan + purchasing materials in advance is often cheaper. If you have the option to come in person, we encourage you to do it. This will be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime + it’s wonderful to sit in Red Thread Circle with Shiloh Sophia and your fellow sisters. It is one of the most powerful ways to support the creation of your own Red Thread circles and ceremonies

Everything is Ritual  

Investment Choices, Payment Plans, Registration

INVESTMENT : 3 Choices

How Registration Works: 

1. Choose between 3 levels of participation outlined below. 

2. You can choose to pay in full for the Program, which offers the most savings. Or, you can choose one of the payment plans available. 

3. Upon registration, you'll be directed to an application for the Program which includes a list of questions to help us get to know you and ensure this
program is aligned for you at this time. If we have any questions before accepting your registration we'll contact you directly.

You'll then receive a letter of Acceptance and materials list to begin prepariong for your journey.

Choice #1: Red Thread Guide Program 

For those who want to learn all about the mystery and teachings of the Red Thread, and be held in circle, yet don't have a desire for Certification.

Investment: $997

1 payment $9976 payments $17912 payments $93

Choice #2: Red Thread Guide Program + Certification 

To be certified you must lead 3 Red Thread Circles by August 4 and provide proof of attendance + additional course materials. 

You will receive a Certificate as a Red Thread Guide signed by Shiloh Sophia, certified by the Intentional Creativity Foundation.

You will be listed on the Intentional Creativity Foundation website with your name and information visited by thousands of guests a month looking for Intentional Creativity activities in their area.

You will be provided a badge graphic for your website/fliers with the Red Thread seal from the Intentional Creativity Foundation 

Investment: $1,397

1 payment $13976 payments $25912 payments $200

Choice #3: Red Thread Guide Program + Certification 

Investment: $1,397 + $750 = $2147

1 payment $21476 payments $38912 payments $131

Plus, Red Tent Gathering With Shiloh Sophia & Guests

September 13.14.15 – Sonoma California 

Red Tent Gathering with Shiloh Sophia, Guest Teachers, fellow students and Intentional Creativity Community - Join us in circle to be with your sisters and guides in the program as we begin our Journey together.  

Gathering begins at 3pm on Day 1, and ends at 3pm on Day 3.
You can fly into the SFO, Oakland or Sonoma County airports.
Tuition includes most materials, teaching instruction + your drum and paint.
Transportation, lodging and meals are not included.

"I am passionate to teach women in my Sanctuary the power of the process of Intentional Creativity, and that when I feel my demo ‘should be, could be, would be better if….’ I see with my own eyes and heart how these women shift in a short afternoon of intentional painting and Create Incredible Magic on their canvases!! And I say “I’m not here to teach you how to paint…thank you for that!!!!! Oh My….they so Get IT!! Humbling indeed!" 

~Carole Thomassy,

"After a RT session with my Mom (91) daughter, granddaughter, cousin and niece, my cousin said "This goes down in the books as one of my favorite memories in life. What a special time! Thank you so much for this magical experience. I love you!”
Hobby Parent,

Photo from Hobby's Red Thread Session

Dear Shiloh, what you are doing with Intentional Creativity (IC) is presenting a transformational tool for women to break through into new visions for their lives. It is way beyond technical painting skills, though there are plenty of great techniques you share. IC is cultivating freedom of expression using color, symbols, design, and a focus of the feminine that is birthing a new paradigm on earth. Yes, I truly believe that you are a Healer Pioneer, and I am so honored to be following in your stardust lineage!
~ Katy Morse,

I feel your heart open and thank you (Shiloh Sophia) for sharing out loud what you hold there. I am so grateful to have you as my teacher (Shiloh Sophia). I learn from you still even when you think you are not teaching. Your kindness, your uncertainty, your deep love and generosity, are lessons that go beyond painting. I trust and follow what flows and guides me in the cosmos, what flows from my paintbrush, and life, and am grateful it has lead me to this time and place, where I am also able to foster beloveds’ abilities to live and love to their full 

potential and feel empowered to create their worlds. I always do a Red Thread Circle. It seems to form a union with whomever is present. It immediately deepens the relationships and connections. It is like officiating relationships. I've had many other leaders in my groups ask about how to learn more about leading in this way. Up until now, I have pointed them towards Color of Woman. JP Kim,

2018 was our very first year for Red Thread Guide. Our 14 Graduates are now part of the Intentional Creativity Foundation Directory for those seeking Red Thread Guides and Circles in their area. 

We look forward to a growing number of Graduates year after year.

2018 Graduates Lexanne Leonard and Amber Gould are now on our team to provide support during live calls, as well as working with our curriculum and blog.

We are passionate about Graduates coming back and working with our team to give their great work. 

Sample of badge you receive to add to your website/offerings after you Graduate.


A Live Gathering in Red Thread Circle

Not all who join will choose to Certify. It is not required. 
See pricing distinctions in the Investment Section.

Curriculum is delivered via email, online in a private classroom and via phone/video calls. 

Mediums we use are video, pdf and a blog where all assignments and teachings can easily be found. 

Online leadership is provided by our team - Sarah Mardell is the program Director. Amber Gould and Lexanne Leonard are the support team. 

Maestra Shiloh Sophia's teachings are from The Way of the Red Thread and will be delivered via video and written format. 

Live calls are recorded. 

IMPORTANT - The Red Thread Guide training is based on the work and research of Shiloh Sophia over a 25 year period of exploring and leading women’s circles. The training is delivered by Guild Members and Intentional Creativity Guild members. Shiloh Sophia will lead primary video modules - and aspects of the the training are guided by others who have worked closely with Shiloh Sophia to bring this into form.

Red Thread Circle in Copenhagen led by Grace Steenberg

Everything is ritual.

The cup you choose for tea.

The necklace you choose to wear when you feel lost.

The choice of readings to start your day.
 The watering of plants and checking of soil.

The choice to smile anyway at work.

The unwarranted consistent kindnesses.

The gazing out of windows.

Your desk as a small altar.
 The food you chose and the way it looks on your plate.

The path you take on the way home.

The wishing you do for strangers on the street.

The turning on of amber lights in a dark room.

Speaking to the cats in soft tones. 
The music that creates the evening mood.

Checking to be sure all is ok with friends and the world.

The good scented candles at small altars.
 The texture of your nightgown on your skin.

The face cream that cost too much and smells so good.

Your hair on the pillow feathered like a halo.

How you say goodnight to the day.

The last ray of light.

Everything is ritual.

Shiloh Sophia 

Red Thread Guide Certificate Program

TEACHINGS - Delivered online in media rich format.

Teaching - 140+ page manual delivered throughout 4 months, The Way of the Red Thread, first published in 2013 by Shiloh Sophia.

Practicum - Learn the 9 Parts of leading a Red Thread Circle. While there is no right way to do it, or wrong way, learning this way will provide a foundation upon which you can build your own curriculum and way of working with the Red Thread.

Path Painting – Practice of Painting Your Path as the program unfolds. Intentional Creativity painting process to work on a painting that holds the frequency and design for your life path, present and future. Working mostly with glazes and intentional marks, dots, dashes, abstract not figurative. No painting experience necessary.

Red Thread Rituals – Learn rituals with water and oil for births, pregnancies, blessings, death, marriages, social activism – any rites of passage. This will be guided by Guild Members.

Working with Red Threads in clinical containers such as therapy, social work and medicine, will also be explored especially by the women who are working with the red thread.

Lineage - Healing Ancestral Connections

Working with your past family connections, heal, clear and create a path for moving forward. Draw from the support of your ancestors, or cut ties, if needed.

Calling - Connecting with the Ones You Serve 

Quantum rituals to connect with those on the other side of your Red Thread, your clients, guests, those you long to serve – those who may have been calling you into this work, waiting for you.

Energy - 
Clear, Move and Create 

Learn to work with your own field and the collective quantum field so you can strengthen your field, as well as hold space for and with others. 

Many of us are highly sensitive people, easily impacted by energy fields. While it opens our compassion, it may make it difficult for us to be with others. You can overcome many of the limitations of how you work with energy by working with the frequency and strenth of the red thread. This is a powerful tool.

Most of all you are learning how to clear your own field, get out of your own way and not be bound by your story, so you can be free enough, lucid enough and ready enough to call others. You don’t need to be healed or be a healer, your circle offerings just need to stay in absolute integrity with who you are and what you are calling. We believe that those who need to be in your circle will find you, if you show up and keep showing up.

There are many of us, thousands of us, aligned with the energy of the red thread of connection and support. You don’t have to do this alone. Learn to tune into the field of the red thread, the woven matrix all around us, to not have to handle everything yourself. 

Elemental Rituals – Learn the simple rituals of working with earth, air, fire and water for your own usage and the creation of your groups, but also with individual clients.

YOU will lead - You will design your own Red Thread Circles, and for those who choose to certify, you will lead 3 Red Thread Circles during our journey together.

Sacred Containers - Build strong yet fluid containers that create sacred space and energy. You bring your spiritual traditions in everything you do whether you realize it or not. In the program we will teach you to work faith agnostically so that you can work with women or men from all spiritual tradition and create sacred containers.

Resiliency - Perhaps the most important feature of all…strengthening yourself. The program provides the experience to strengthen yourself as a circle Guide. To prepare you to meet the challenges. To facilitate breakthroughs and move through breakdowns. 

Throughout the course you will discover a new way to embrace how you experience tragedy. Through walking the Way of the Red Thread you will learn resiliency through spiritual creative practice of circles and personal painting.

As a teacher it is not uncommon for women to say to me that they have been following the thread to this moment of our meeting, whether that is in person or online, there is a sense of knowing, from a time before time that we were headed towards this place on the path. Your Beloveds have called you.
Shiloh Sophia

The women are gathering...
it is our time to circle up, share stories, heal and curate the future generations. 
You can join us from anywhere in the world...

About our Graduates

Answers to questions you may have

Delivery and Support


A share from Co-Teacher, Dr. Mary McCrystal

Facilitate Revolutionary Conversations + Craft Your Message + Create the Future

The in person gathering is not required, nor is it part of the program curriculum. These are days to sit in circle in person with Maestra Shiloh Sophia, the Guild and your fellow sisters.

You can fly into SFO, Oakland or Sonoma County airports.  

Tuition is $750 if you include the Gathering with your registration to Red Thread Guide. There are payment plans available for up to 12 months.

Join us at MUSEA (Shiloh's Studio & Museum) 

We will sit in red thread circle hearing each other’s stories. All students are welcome!

Each woman will be gifted with her own blessed drum and decorate it with her colors and symbols. 

Guest Lavender Grace will teach drumming, beat and song. She is amazing! Learn about her work here. 

Your Invitation to Red Thread Guide Global Certificate Program

Thank you for your interest! Registration for our 2020 class will open soon and we will begin our 4 month journey together in May.

You will be the first to know when doors are OPEN! 

Continue reading to learn what the Red Thread Guide Program is all about. 

Even if you do not want to certify as a guide, this training gives you an amazing collection of tools to weave into your life, keep in your medicine basket and utilize on your chosen path. 

-Linda Allen

This course was a life changing experience for me because I discovered my purpose.

-Patti Livingston

The Red Thread Guide Training is just what I needed to step into and own my place leading circle. I've been sitting in circles and supporting leadership for many years now and I finally have the confidence and tools I need to share my unique voice. Thank you Shiloh and Team for all the love and support. This has truly been a remarkable experience. 

~Julie Ridenour

I feel blessed to have been in the presence of the fabulous 3 graces, the beautiful support team and my fellow red threaders.

I am very grateful that I chose to complete my red thread guide training in person. In so any ways it was the "perfect fit" to continue the red thread journey and bathe in the wisdom of Shiloh, Mary and Lavender.

~Message from Red Thread Guide 2019 Graduate, Alyse Parise

The tool of the Red Thread Circle has changed my life. As I sit in circle with women (men & children) and witness them as they are, as they come, with their perspective, I see common threads over and over. The separation dissolves (I'm “in”, you're “out”), humanity is revealed and our piece is spoken. What endures is celebration for one another!

I've sat in other circles in my life. Circles where talking sticks are passed,

stones are passed, balls are thrown. All of these circles are good. However, the kinesthetic piece of the red thread has my heart. The legends about the thread, the passing from person to person, the winding around the wrist, the full circle connection as I sit with people who may not be my usual “tribe”, the voice that proclaims a powerful declaration and the final tying of another's thread is potent for me.

I envision a Red Thread Community where, one day, when I head to my local grocery store, I see a stranger and we both have red threads and we can instantly claim our connection with a broad smile!

~Ally Markotich