Christine says...

I am a spiritual mba & a mystic... deeply committed to feminine wisdom + presence, returning to create ways to live and work that honor all as sacred.

I am passionate about creating a world in which the systems we work and live support all beings to thrive. Finding new ways of working and living that go beyond “managing stress & full plates,” that give people ‘super powers’ to transform burnout & overwhelm into balance + vitality, and that value compassion over criticism, freedom over fear, and possibility over scarcity, as ways to motivate ourselves and others in the choices we make and actions we take.

I am committed to redefining what power looks like, so that as women and girls we do not have to alter ourselves to fit in or rise to positions of leadership + influence, but instead, it is our very feminine presence and perspective, and deeply rooted self-worth, that empowers us, and provides the resources and platforms we need to make the shifts we seek for ourselves, our families, and humanity.


FREE Hourlong Cafe ACCESS + SEASON PASSWISE WOMAN: Daylong Painting Class Tickets $57
Shiloh Sophia says... 
I am a Dreamer, a Painter and Revolutionary. 
I love the idea of curating consciousness through creativity. I have tea with my Muse every day and witness her as she re-arranges the universe with magenta paint and new ideas.
I feel like we all have a our own piece of the red thread, that which is ours to weave into the great fabric of creation. Self expression is the way I have found to weave, and part of that means I encourage others to weave their own piece. Through creating, a waking up can happen which reveals us to ourselves. "It's a great way to live, being an artist, it's very romantic" is what my teacher Sue Hoya Sellars often said.

So often we find ourselves trapped in cages of belief, old patterns, cultural oppression and who knows what else we have picked up along the way. Art making is an opportunity to strip of false laters of fear and enter another territory. It might be dangerous, and have uncertain outcomes. But well worth the price of paint and possibility.

Since my early twenties I have made my living as an aritst entrepreneur who is a powerful stand for creativity as an essential basic human right - the right to create. I make stuff: books, decks, workshops, cards, prints, painting, journals - all in the pursuit of expressing and sharing my creative fire, and sharing it with others who feel called.

Power Creatives TV is my latest offering, bringing together women FOUNDERS and FRIENDS to share their gifts with you. 
FREE Hourlong CafeWise Woman Painting Class $57

Materials for your Wise Woman Journey:

For the hourlong Alchemical Cafe: tea/coffee + paper and pen
For the daylong class: Materials
  • Watercolor paper size 22x30 + spray bottle + brushes
    Acrylic paint: We will use GOLDEN paints, and you can use what you have on-hand. Colors we love are quinacridone nickel azo gold, thalo turquoise, quinacridone magenta. IF you are not going to use Golden, at least consider these colors. We also suggest you have titanium white and metallic gold. 
    We will send you a full materials list upon registration. And of course, if you have any wise woman soul igniting tools bring those too - drums, rattles, chocolate...

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Episode 3 : Power Creative TV Season Two: HerStory
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Hourlong Alchemical Cafe + Daylong Intuitive Painting Class with
 Feminine Leadership Advisor & Spiritual Catalyst, Christine Arylo,
 & Power Creatives TV Host, Shiloh Sophia 


This class is a GREAT value at $57. And we want as many women as possible to be able to access these paid programs as a part of Power Creatives TV. We have a Partial Scholarship available for those who need it. Enter promo code: wisewoman at checkout for $20 off Tuition. 

Join us in this powerful transformational journey...  Access the Inner Courage, Wisdom + Clarity to More Fully, Visibly and Powerfully Express Your Unique Feminine Presence - 
we call this the "Wise Woman Within"... fierce, courageous, compassionate, sovereign.

What are the messages your wise woman has for you?
What's been bound up inside you waiting to be unleashed? 
How do you bring those messages out + into your life & sacred work - now? 

IRIS MINDED by Sue Hoya Sellars

* Illuminate what's currently UNSEEN, GAIN DEEPER INSIGHT + RECEIVE MESSAGES that  free our feminine hearts + invite the full wise woman, our ancient powerful timeless self to be here now, VISIBLE.

* Explore why feminine power has waned in the past, even after great rises + reclaim this power again by choosing to act from our own SOVEREIGNTY.

* Reveal + heal the cracks of BETRAYAL inside our heart - from others, from ourselves, as a result of buying into systems that destroy the feminine, earth, family.

* Illuminate the presence of the collective fear, our own fear - and gain insight into doubt that keeps us from opening up our hearts to be as courageous and compassionate as possible. 

*TRANSFORM the bound up parts in our hearts so we can be more free to be our full presence NOW ... And then tap into our deeper, timeless, Wise Woman selves 

* Explore choosing new ways of operating inside the systems that exist today that we desire to be part of changing - HOW do we INTEGRATE to ELEVATE them, with out assimilating into them?

 *Work with both our minds and hearts in collaboration to access the path ahead + explore how much we really get to say about how consciousness evolves. 

** Explore our female relationships + how we can work with both the shadow and the glow to support the feminine to rise within all women.   

Interspersed with readings from some of our core texts including, The Chalice and the Blade and Women Who Run with the Wolves and Anam Cara. 

Our painting process will focus on abstract painting working with sacred geometry and our flowering wisdom. We will work with Intentional Creativity + + Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Geometry + Feminine Wisdom Practices to 'access'  the wisdom and bring it into form. 

An invitation to "Bring your Wise Woman out of Exile" + Liberate Your Feminine Heart Power to More Fully Express & Be Seen in Your Sacred Work + Presence  
A creative experience of Intuitive Painting, Heart Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Sisterhood, Yoga, & Feminine Wisdom


Part of each of our journey is to unbind the parts of our feminine power that have been hidden, invisible or masked. We heal them, free them and reconnect more deeply with the timeless wisdom within our bodies and hearts... we bring our wise women selves fully out of exile to be the powerful forces of feminine love we came here at this time to be. 

And we use our wise woman tools to 'do' it: intuitive painting, mantra + yoga, heart alchemy, feminine wisdom & sisterhood. The journey is always a mystery + here's where we are headed...

"We've seen this pattern among amazing women - we have things to say, express and offer (and are in many ways) but feel like there are parts that are stuck inside, that we can't get fully and freely out to be seen and heard. 

Why? Well, we've noticed that within our "feminine hearts" we have  remembrances of times it was not safe to be fully seen and visible for the wise women we are. Individually, we've been attacked, dismissed or silenced by the systems we work and live in, in the communities we are a part of, even by other women. We also carry the collective rememberance of women whose voices have been bound for centuries. 

So we journey into the feminine heart to make shift happen... you are invited... join us!  Shiloh & Arylo 

Christine's Wise Woman
painting in process

Painting Gallery from the Wise Woman Class featuring photos from both Shiloh and Christine's process


Love Cracks

Alchemize with Love

Seeds Planted

Seeds and Blooms

Adding Affirmations

Stroke - I am here!

Shiloh's Wise Woman "emergent"